Censorship, terminology, good form and some meandering ponderings

So the GBAinc notes were posted and I gave them a read. It’s an interesting read outlining some rather real pickles we are facing as consumers of gelSoft.

Anyway, I’m big on not using the G-word when referring to blasters and I’m pretty scathing of media that deliberately uses the word in connection with gelSoft.

I do this because blasters are not g*ns. It’s that simple.

GelSoft very similar to it’s AS cousin though with many interchange parts, tech videos and other things. Some. Things and bits, not compatible.

GBAinc notes record a concerted effort to remove ■■■■■■■ from all materials, advertising and the consumer experience. There is a legal and compliance basis for this which I generally support.

But here’s where I want your opinion. Do we extend that censorship to the materials, tech videos, chatrooms et al where individuals trade knowledge?

Spoiler alert: I say no. I have learnt allot about my blaster from.watching AS technicians. Why would I want to limit my access to educational and technical resources?


I agree. And this really is some shady shit where they are saying they won’t let AS compatible parts into the country when they know they are identical with what we need/use in a perfectly legal law abiding way.

It’s like calling for 3D printers to be banned because you could print a G-word on one. If someone is stupid enough to do that then deal with it with that person.

I posted a gif the other day of an AS gearbox working to try and help someone find a fault with their gel blaster. I didn’t mention AS when I posted it, but I sure as hell used google to find it by typing “AS gearbox gif”

Obviously if someone asks how do I convert a gel blaster to AS, that’s a big NO-NO
but if someone asks how to shim a gearbox and I know of a good AS video on it , I will link to it.


also you never know if there’s ACA spies smart enough to figure out what we’re saying, also its kinda funny because you never hear Americans say Pellet blaster or BB blaster.

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It is not illegal for us to watch AS youtubes, nor read AS forums or whatever… we (the forum) just have to be seen to not use the key words the anti’s are searching for in the public forum available to them… so, not using the words gives them less negative things to say about our chosen sport and hobby.

Links to AS videos, rather than posting an embedded link with AS written all over it could be posted with a few gaps so it doesn’t embed… but when someone is interested in said video, they just have to copy the link and remove the gaps.

It is all very sad that we have to be all ‘cloak and dagger’ … but it is only because of the fear of all things about g*ns and the whining minority being so powerful…

We can and should learn from other sports like Archery ane even Javelin throwing… you don’t see bows and arrows or Javelins in the windows of sports stores… you have to go in and ask

If we keep a low profile, we may be able to keep our toys… unfortunately for us, 999 blaster owners will do the right thing and go un noticed… but one will be an idiot with a blaster and that will be noticed and plastered all over the news…

Our greatest enemy is the blaster shops with wall to wall blasters and windows full of ‘terror’ (as perceived by the general public). They (the blaster shops) will cry the loudest when they get blasters made illegal for all of us.

We all dont need to stop looking at all things AS… we (the open forum) just have to be careful not to be seen to encourage illegal activities by discussing similarities between our toy blasters and AS.

Maybe we can have another locked (members only) room where things other than gel blasters can be mentioned… away from the prying eyes of the wowsers and anti’s word searches?

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I not sure if you guys realize that forums are virtually dead and mostly only frequented by old CODGERS :rofl:
At every skirmish I have been to not one single person has heard of or was interested in this forum.
There are hundreds of FB groups aswell as discord channels where everything is talked about freely.
My 20yo son reckons we are like a bunch of old women :eyes:
As much as you may think this forum is being watched or anti word searched I can assure you conspiracy theorists, its not :wink:
There are about 10 or 15 regulars here and the rest just pop in for free info after a Google search for gel b laster problems.
If you visit some of the pages I refered to you will see the real world and you will see a few familiar names of guys posting daily who only drop in here once a month or less :thinking:
Oh and they all use every censored word from here.

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Yes, there are alot of other groups and forums working very hard at getting our blasters made illegal… it likely wont be much longer…

Not all of us old codgers are on farce book or twatter… not much intelligent life on there it seems


Hahaha intelligent life, who made you god !
I ain’t on face book or Twitter but some of the group’s my son has showed me are full of intelligence and very interesting and informative information.
Everywhere in life there are idiots but to group them all except for yourself as unintelligent is ridiculous :face_vomiting:
Oh and there are plenty of old CODGERS there aswell :+1:


So any of you guys on the Discord group for this hobby ? I have been for awhile, not bad, but sometimes a bit too much off topic waffle for my liking. Definitely mostly younger people on it too.

The fact you aren’t on farce book means you may be somewhat intelligent?

So… it could be difficult to pull the wool over your eyes laughing%20(1)