Changing to Deans plug

I got a new battery and charger. The charger only has XT60 charge port with a deans adaptor. The new battery doesn’t have either so I got a couple of deans connectors to swap over. My question is since the battery has the 2 wire connector & the 4 pin connector can i use the 2 wire on the battery for charger connection and use the same connecton for hooking up to my Vector?

Yes. But you need to be mindful of polarity.

You should consider xt30 as a plug. They fit better

The other item of note is if you aren’t using the balance plug to charge, your batteries will not last as long and will be a significantly higher risk of becoming a fire hazard.

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Changed all of mine and my bros batterys and blasters to xt60 connectors. Anything was better then the JST plug.


Can you solder?

If you arent too keen on changing your blaster/s and batteries to deans just for your charger ,
you could just buy or make a small adapter from deans to jst , ( both the red and black connectors , just different types) and put it on between the chargers deans and straight to the battery.

If the battery is good tho, and the blaster , I would eventually change to deans or similar.

Yes. The 4 pin connector is your balance lead for balance charging on capable chargers. The 2 wire lead is your main input/output from the battery.