Charging handle spring on HK 3.0 snapped what do I do?

After getting my HK 3.0 for about a month now my charging handle spring broke this was because I didn’t listen to my father who kept saying DON’T FIDDLE WITH IT. Obviously I ignored his advice so this is on me. I don’t want to take it to m4a1 because ol mate said im looking at $100 for a complete gearbox upgrade with the spring change. Idk should I use the remainder of my Christmas money for the upgrade and spring change or do it myself because I don’t want to break it even further I just need some help. Any would be appreciated

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not sure on the HK as I havent stripped one yet but the Gen 8/Gen 9 M4’s are an easy replacement. Just get a new spring from any of the online shops and do it yourself.

Gen 9 charging handle spring fix

Go to Bunnings to the gel llaster spring aisle and get a few springs (or an assortment case) and use a slightly heavier spring to replace your damaged one…

From memory, the stock springs are a tad small and when used (tortured) the end coils that connect it to the handle/body unravel …

or get one of these when he gets back from holidays… (Actually… get 3 sets) :grin:

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Or a small spring assortment from ebay…

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Another problem is the Hopup I have to take that off which is a bit difficult

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You sure this will fit