Cheeeho! This just arrived

Yeahbuddy this just arrived at my front door from the the gel blaster fairies lol… Can you guess whats inside?’s a hint look at the bottom of the photo

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A LDT HK416D ??
Looks like a Warinterest V2 gearbox there…

Your close but no cigar lol. the HK is next on my hit list awaiting my ATO return. It’s a jingji SLR gearbox and the package is the jingji SLR receiver.

Im naming this blaster

meshone and once finished she will be a beast (walking dead fans will get it ):stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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How much and where did you get it?

Surprisingly this vendor was best priced and I don’t normally use him as in the past he upgrades and parts were not what I wanted… It was $86.99.

Looks great and the receiver comes in tact with the charge handle and fire selector switch installed. The BD556 you have to assemble that yourself and it is so fiddly.

Yer the only other small items are the screws and the cap that sit in end of motor grip. Pretty happy with it the receiver is better quality nylon than some I’ve had in past

Hey @Mr.milkman, what gear box are you putting in that receiver? Does it take a V2 metal box?

I dropped a jingji SLR V2 gearbox. But I’m pretty sure the retro arms drops in as well but aps need minor tweeking

Have you upgraded the bearings to bushings?