Cherrabah Resort Event (Elbow Valley Warwick QLD) - 30 & 31 October 2021

Ok, just got invited into this FB group and there is still info getting put up, but these guys are staging a weekend long event with accommodation options, etc at Cherrabah Resort and playing in a township. This looked pretty cool from the bits I’ve started to read. Flyer below:

Some photos of the field, yes, all these buildings are furnished and playable according to the posts. They have run some test games up there.


Also, for those wondering where the hell Cherrabah Resort is … well it doesn’t say anywhere, but it is at:

1 Keoghs Road, Elbow Valley, Warwick QLD 4370

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Of course I have a non optional social engagement

FFS. This looks great

The rest of the resort looks alright if you go by Google, this must be the run down bits out the back, hence why they are cool with people shooting them up.

It’s a game style that will appeal to many

Myself included

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Ive been there before. Beautiful sunsets…
I believe its owned by chinese now, not that that makes any real difference.
They have real steel shooting ranges, (clay pidgeon shotgun) and a crappy old airstrip out there, as well.

It so remote, you could “gell till you yell”…and no-one would hear you…

In warwick, no-one can hear you scream…!

Bars ok too, for afterwards…
Its a bit old, but basic and comfortable… would be an awesome weekend…we had wildlife roaming around last time out there…


you can call in sick.
vaccine reaction, and all that…!

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In petty sure antics who knows me would call that out immediately :rofl:

you Neeed your 2nd shot…
The only place, with vax available, is here… at this time and place…not your fault…!!
And stay 48 hrs, to ensure no adverse effects…!

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Right at the start of exams :slight_smile:

We always did a game session before exams

With all my soul I yearn for a 2 day gel ball event, but I’ve already cocked up my semester with bad study habits and bad sleep :rofl:

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Looks like from their newish FB Group, that they plan on running events once a month there. I’ll invite the guy who contacted me along to the forum to promote the event and answer any questions.


Please do, I would love to know if they’re running an event this December

Be great having something like that but I’d highly recommend removing windows ect. for WHS.

Hmm. Might have to give this one a whirl given the proximity

I promise not to throw you through every window and door like a battering ram? Happy :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Wear two thick sets of fatigues though.

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Looks pretty interesting

looks like something out of dayz very interesting maybe a zombie mod

Head shots only with gels would be very “sporting” and up close and personal.