Chrono finally arrived, initial test unsatisfying :(

did clock a 120 tho… :flushed: :ok_hand:
needs bigger lungs i guess…


lungs? oh i see what you did there :wink:


gen9 with just o ring and black nylon gear was between 195-230fps
mostly floating around 200 figure. (is that normal figure for a essentially stock gen9?)

Acr not tested yet, in pieces atm testing some stuff out

yah i got bored XD
there was a 172 tho, not sure what happened there lol

i think every now and then odd anomalies affect the results, i have seen a chrono hit 600fps for a gel blaster here and there so you get an idea of when its a legit reading


sure you’ve got it set to fps rather than meters per second?

my stock gen 9 was doing 250-260. alloy barrel, green oring and 1.18 spring put that to 290.

you can def see fps on the lcd in the picture, i assumed the same first too

yeah just zoomed and noticed that after I posted

what spring are you running? if you have good seals and a metal barrel you should be up near 300 with a gen 9

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no no the pic was me blowing gels out of stock plastic tube :smiley:
my gen9 with just green o-ring and black nylon gears hits around 200 average
stock spring, ebay inner barrel

Should do a bit more even with stock 1.1mm

these are the figures i got with my modded p90. its not practical to use though, but then again i made it just for giggles lol


is the ebay inner barrel metal still?

i thought so too,
at least now i know for sure there is something wrong with the gen9

yah those black metal ones, [email protected] long

Have you"upgraded ” the spring?

shooting AT milkies btw

nope, i took the one out of my acr coz it looked longer :joy:

yeah should be hitting 260 as an average, did you compression test the cylinder before putting back together? i epoxy mine up and aint no air getting out that

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That should be air seal maybe then. Your losing fps somewhere