Chronograph link me please

Yo blasting community.

i am thinking of getting a chronograph and was wondering where you guys get yours from. i also want to know if people have found a difference between the fakes and the genuine ones. such as the acetech AC6000 look a likes.


No fakes that I am aware of, check eBay. They are about 80-120 bucks.

Also a few of the blaster shops sell them too, exact same ones that eBay has. Acetech and Xcortech both good brands.

I have an Xcortech.

How legit is this link above from beastpro?

I have ordered from Beastpro a few times and had no issues so I can’t see why it wouldn’t be legit

Haha, yeah it’s no problem at all. All the Chronos are the same you would buy anywhere else, don’t shoot any higher than an air rifle through it though unless you spend more cash and get a higher quality one.

80 bucks plus 10 for shipping for an acetech AC6000… i see knockoffs for 80 on aliexpress. and like the genuine for 110 atleast from ebay or amazon. what does it mean LCD readout from beastpro description?

thanks for replies!

The ones on Aliexpress aren’t knockoffs, it’s where they are all made. The local shops probably got them from Aliexpress too, your paying slightly more for convenience of not having to wait a few weeks for delivery. The ones on eBay will also be from all the same factory.

LCD readout is just an LCD display screen.

This is what I got. It also has bluetooth so you can read it on your phone which is very useful.

Same as I have and happy with it so far. It is not a tool you use all the time but it helps detect faults when you think perfromamnce is droping and peformance of upgrades.

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