Clans / Local pages


I am a new player literally haven’t even hit the field yet Got a blaster this week… already own 2, looking for a local team close to Warwick QLD to join and them to show me the ropes of this sport. I have been interested in ■■■■■■■ for some time and since Aus law sucks this is the closest im sure I’ll get so gave into it.

I am still yet to get a rig and kit so I’m also looking for retailers that actually have stock of items that I can purchase from (or even if anyone has a spare vest / goggles they could sell / donate would be good too)

I mainly come on here to find out if there are any facebook pages really for this sport local to me, I may be moving to brisbane soon though. Willing to catch up for a beer or 2 and chat about the sport.