Classic Army PX9 SMG mag compatibility

Good day everyone
Any one know the px9 mag compatibility with xtp arp9 or anything else? Looking for a cqb, was toward to new sig but after read the post with feeding problem, might have to let go for now, so sad, keen for the sig look

Nup they are not compatible - PX9 mags have the mag contacts on the back of the mag

Thanks for your reply cpt.

Definitely recommend the PX9 though - I have it and it’s the most reliable blaster I’ve got

added to cart, still feel so shit about the sig, thanks for your recommendation

PX9 mags fit wells PDW9.

Last week someone was saying TEH mt gravatt and yatala had stock of the px9 mags. I’d get onto it pretty quick though the website ones went in a day.

That was me. Mt Gravatt was running low last Saturday. Came in with the X9s and likely snapped up pretty fast by anyone purchasing those.

Yatala had stock according to their IG last week, but reckon it’d be slim pickings now.

Just rang up, all sold out


As noted, uses same magazine as Wells PDW, stocked by M4A1. Can’t rely on their website but maybe worth calling individual stores to see if they have any. Capalaba or Morayfield possibly your best bets.

Hope you can find something.

I wish they’d hurry up and make a drum mag for these.

M4A1 doesn’t stock spare mags for the wells PDW…at least I’ve never ever seen any for them.

Well that’s pretty ordinary.

Assumed it was a case of website not reflecting stock lines.

Every one with a Wells PDW9 were buying up the px9 mags😅

Blaster with no spare mag, can’t imagining running around with 1 mag and a bottle of loader…

Honestly during CQB games I just run 2 mags coupled together, then just reload when I respawn. Especially if you’re running single/burst, the mags actually last for a while.

Hi capt. I am much the same that way, all I need is a spare mag, the eta will be months away, first the sig552 not as good then the px9 no mag, what a sad story…hahaha

Did you already purchase the PX9?

not yet, was gonna purchase it 2 days ago, but can’t get mags

Hi capt, does px9 have mag prim?