Cleaning barrel without pulling it down

just wondering it anyone has any tricks for a quick barrel clean without stripping the marker?

what u mean by that O_O?
ideally u wanna take it out coz while cleaning the inner barrel you wanna push any left over residual inside out of the barrel too.
depending on the blaster, like gen9 and J10, you can just take the upper receiver off and do it with with out taking the barrel out, other blasters i am no sure

Paintball speak… meaning taking down the receiver.

Simple cleaning rod and microfibre cloth is all I’ve ever done. Since we don’t have internal hop unit’s to damage you can got to town.



A straw bottle brush and carbon spar

I finish off with a tissue and pull it out through the t piece


yeah lol I did play pro paintball haha

yeah… I just didnt want to go pushing it back in towards the nozzle

You’d hit the nylon T-Piece in most cases so the nozzle is safe from your poking about :wink:

Just get a cleaning kit for a camelbak and use the long brush on the flexi shaft. Works great if u clean it as soon as u are finished. I then let mine dry over night then i have a second flex brush that i keep oiled with sewing machine oil, leaves a nice coat to protect from corrosion.


Alloy definatly needs maintainence because it can corrode if not cleaned from debre and protected, this was the reason i went stainless for, 0 oxidisation and less maintainence