Clear SLR build

Looking forward to this build, sick of owning black blasters.
Theme will be clear/transparent blaster with anodised red accents,
Running gear, Titan, MK tactical box with 12:1 gears and motor still tbc.


Can’t wait to see the finished product !!

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I am doing one now the same but black.
I would love a Realtree camo hydro dipped one but the hydro kits a a bit expensive

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I recon SLR builds are the best clean M4 style build that can be built


Is that clear nylon or abs. Where did you find the shell. Coz I’m thinking I can finally have a blaster with Camo look as the clear will be easier to airbrush over black

Chenghai blasters, think it’s John Wang on FB.
I asked him and he had them sent straight from China, got it in 5days.

Chenghai blaster Yep their decent I got my first blasters upgrades from him coz it was 3 years ago and there wasn’t the range of products here now back then thanks I’ll hit him up

@Hiroshima_screamer im doing a similar build;d what cylinder head and t-piece did you choose cheers

V2 cylinder head and nozzle with a wells rubber tip, slr t piece. Modified to suit

A bit of mucking around I can go into detail if you want.

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Go into detail, please.

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Ok I’ll do my best, I’m still working on alternative solution to this.

So it looks like this, tappet and nozzle back

Tappet and nozzle fully forwards in t piece

I lightly ground the outside of the v2 nozzle and glued the wells tip on. On mine the wells nozzle is only on 3.5mm, I applied a lot of super glue around the outside of the nozzle where it meets the tip.
Hasn’t failed yet🤞🏽

Sealing wasn’t perfect so I moved the barrel back a couple of mm in the t piece by grinding back the barrel holder thingy. Make sure you don’t move it back to far where it obstructs gel feeding. Then I glued it in place.

I’m going to look at wether I can somehow fit the chainsaw slr tip onto the v2 nozzle as it may retain a better shape. If you look at how I’ve set up my nozzle and tip, the tip is not perfectly shaped which is why I had to move the barrel back a couple of mm.

That’s pretty much it I think🤔


Nice. I’ve almost got everything sorted for mine except for the cylinder head/nozzle and tappet. And when I say “sorted”, it just means that it’s all sitting around in its packaging (or in the post) waiting for a spare weekend where everyone’s out of the house.


Hey, did you have to mince around with the tappet plate to get it off the ground properly?

Not sure what you mean bud?

I think he means did you have to change the profile of the tappet plate foot to get it to feed properly :thinking:

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Yeah - what @Calcifer said :ok_hand:

Sorry, @Hiroshima_screamer - rough day, my English skills faded right after beer o’clock.

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The tail or fin end? Or the front part?

On the wells tappet which I had in first I didn’t touch the tail.
The v2 one I have in at the moment is a tappet for dsg gears but I want to try it in my modified 12:1 gears and see if it feeds still.
Just got the perun up and running and just waiting on some new grease then put her back together.

Thanks mate ! I appreciate it !

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Love the kincrome caliper noice touch.