Click noise in wells

Hi all,

Just upgraded my wills with shs gears and a m150 chahai, i noticed when you take your dinger off the trigger there is a clicking noise, i dont think it is backlash as the shs gears have a 6 spur system foebthe anti reverse latch. It dose not do it all the time juat sometimes, any one else had this issuse

Top or bottom of box?

It hard to tell , i switched everything out and still doing it, seem to be doing when it has no amo in it

My next would be to remove the piston and spring

Run the box on 7.4 to identify where the noise is

Signs of wear on anything?

Does it without the mag installed?

Full auto or semi? Does it single shot?

It only on full auto and the noise appears sometimes, i check everything and all parts been switched out, noise is only sometimes. I was thinking it could be is spring repositioning itself or the latch catching as it a super tourqe motor

Just checked my cqb which has a 1.18 spring and standard motor, it doing the same just no as bad. Maybe it just a wells thing

Could it be trigger contacts arcing? Giving it a small power supply to move gears slightly but not cycle the piston. Iā€™d check the contacts for signs of arcing. I believe the cut off switch moves the contacts away on semi. But full auto relies on trigger spring. Might need to strengthen the trigger spring

I found out it is a motor nock, motor moving and hand grip

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