Clusterf*@#! S.o.s

Newbie modder here. So i tried changing my o ring out. There was a screw with a wrecked thread holding the lid down and we couldnt get it off at the time, so my mate with me has held the lid up while i got the plunger. Putting the plunger back in tho, he has bumped the cogs and they collapsed. Im fairly certain we have it all back together properly but now its like my blaster isnt receiving any power from the battery? Im in over my head lol. Plz help :sweat_smile:

Sounds like the anti reverse lever has jumped out and is jamming it or the piston is not in the correct position also jamming it ?
You unfortunately will need to strip it or risk major damage :thinking:


Ok thanks for the advice mate. Much appreciated :+1:

Ive still got her in pieces, strip down wont take long lol

Noobs vectors == baptism by fire.

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Yeeeeup. Cant argue there. Shoulda listened to guido haha

Pfff you never know until you have a go :rofl:
At least you will know how it all works now :+1:


It has been a bit of a learning experience yes lol. As far as i know there isnt many people where i live modding their gel blasters too so asking for advice has been tough. Glad i found this website lol

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Think yourself lucky it wasn’t an AK47 or you would be going to buy a new blaster :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
They are a pita to strip and re assemble


I have no fear of stripping a vector but if low Guido’s had had his video before I did it the first few times I would have been better off

If you’re following his work you’ll be fine

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@Rattler yeah i actually was going to get an ak47 to begin with. Very fkn glad i researched before i bought :joy::joy:

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Motors out of the gearbox but still connected to battery, no power

oh yea…wise choice for simplicity of build.

the vector and rx ak were my first 2 blasters

everything else has been easy af since then

my vector goes dah dah dah too


That’s not good , how does the mosfet smell ? If the gears were jammed and you pulled the trigger you could have fried it :thinking:
Check all connectors

hey…after thought…

i you have the time and your modding is going to include a heavier spring you should look to add a second fet specifically to run the motor.

if you’re not planning on going above a 1.3 with the stock motor you won’t have to bother.

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And a fuse or at least a fused test lead :+1:


No signs of burns or damaged wires. Rather peculiar :thinking: There was no smells either my first thought was mosfet but it seems ok too

@zeHamish i did order in a piano spring which is 1.3, not installed tho its still being delivered

fet boards will often die quietly.

but if all you’ve done is install a new oring then its more likely your reassembly has been incorrect

i see the red on top…did you remove both motor wires to do the work?

you may have wired the motor backwards and the AR latch is saying noooooo…

thou shalt not spin…

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The red wire is supposed to be on top , it is on mine