CNC p90 gearbox

Well, they’re just about here… Who’s getting one? Are we about to see this blaster become everything it needs to be? :joy::joy:

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Can’t wait for the insane DSG builds in the P90’s beautiful form factor.

Hasn’t even considered that. My p90 is definitely going dsg :joy:

Who’s stocking them?

So for those who haven’t heard this news, care to elaborate? Manufacturer of said item? Have they redesigned the box to incorporate positions for trigger trolley, cut off lever etc? being that the original GB version is just a Gen8 having a lay down?
I demand answers and pictures (if available) STAT…

Sorry guys, mk tactical are making them, there are photos and videos on their Facebook page, and if I’m reading right, they seem to be making making them for gbu.

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Just saw on MK Tactical fb page. Any more then $160 and tell’em he’s dreaming.


I virtually guarantee they will be over $200


Fuck gbu…Mk+Gbu= drastically over priced at best… If not itll be shite… Prob b expensive and shit. Lol

Just make sure to not call it soft :rofl:

You bunch of unpatriotic pricks :roll_eyes:


Haha yep ur a funny cunt haha the mk box is soft and gbu are hard on prices and corey is well gay haha

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Also it looks like X-Force is gonna stock them, too.


Can’t say too much at this point, but I’ve heard rumors that there are some other companies looking at making these. Might be worth having a little wait to see if we can get the same thing without putting money into Corey’s pocket :joy:


This :crossed_fingers: due to the design it’s a pretty strong gearbox so wouldn’t really be concerned who’s got bragging rights.


Yeah I had seen it from X-force, don’t even pay attention to anything GBU related.

Just to clarify.
We are the manufacturer.
@MaxxAddiKt Not making them for GBU or any store in particular, but will be happy to supply them to any retailer including GBU.


any idea of the rrp on the cnc p90

Well, I’ve had nothing but success from your mk h92, so I’ll be keen to try this, see if it can work with an apache.