Co2 grenades legal on Qld fields?

Just wondering if co2 grenades are legal on any Qld Gelball fields ?? Does any one on here use them? Where did you use them and what was the reaction??

They’re not allowed at Gelsoft Yatala or Guerilla Blasters. No grenades at all at Guerillas but gelsoft will allow empty grenades thrown underarm/rolled on the ground.

Thrown grenades or the 40mm ones like the Thor?

A lot of the fields don’t like the thrown ones but are ok with the 40mm launchers as they are effectively just shotguns

no the thrown type like these

shore they had these at gelsoft Tamborine the tank place
friggin loud they are but really set the mood i think they are cool

Yeah they did @ tamborine. Makes you jump if your not expecting it

i can see why some fields wont let them be used they are loud so noise complaints could be a problem
and the young kiddies might poop there pants

There are also PTSD concerns too


Shit I never even considered that !!