Collecting Blasters

Hi All,

Well like most of us - I love blasters :slight_smile: as such I have managed to get a bit of a collection with a few more on the way.
Top to bottom is;
2 x swifthawk bolt actions
Gen 8 M4
Scar V2
RX AK 47 - v3 with metal gears
Alpha King 105 AK47
BingFeng Krytac War Sport LVOA M4
Wells M4 stage one upgrade from QLB.

Also waiting on LTD 416D and RXDesert Eagle to arrive in the post.
I have the whole family keen as well, paintball masks and tactial vest - almost Milsim lol


That’s one hell of a collection, makes mine look like a starter pack !! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Looks like you’ll have to move onto the next wall soon mate.


Wholly shiznit!

A Muppet with more than me!

Sweet collection


I can’t help it!!! I just can’t stop searching and price watching \ hunting and then before I know it I have bought more.

I need help


I have one less than you and plans for another three

But here’s the catch…

When I buy them I need to be also able to buy at the same time all the intenal upgrades.

Has kept me from getting an aug and a P90

I’m thinking some WW2 era blasters or maybe build one from absolute scratch…dunno…


Razzor, how do you like the krytac war sport. Is it worth using or just playing around with.

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I really like the look of it… BUT. Its abs plastic on the rear side. Cant get replacement shells at the moment. When I first tried it it shot really well. Very straight. But then shot the inner barrel out lol. So I put in a alloy one but yesterday that one shot out and I had used some fairly strong glue. I also snapped the rear casing where the stock goes on… it wasnt much pressure but it broke. So been wondering do I get another and throw a gen 8 upgraded gear box in her and a 40cm alloy barrel with t piece or junk it…

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One of these in gel version would be nice

That would be very cool indeed!!

If it’s as reliable as the real thing…probably no :rofl:

German and Soviet styling would be my go-to

Which reminds me…I need to chup chup on my g18 and Kriss SciFi looking upgrades

Hey RaZz0R

Impressive collection mate.

Which would you buy again out of the Alpha King and RX? I’m looking to add an AK to my kit.
Any pros or cons comparing the two?


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As soon as I saw that, the phrase “you dirty rat” popped into my head… Been watching too many old B&W movies…


@RaZz0R - how the hell do you choose which one to use on game day? Or do you just take them all in a trailer :rofl:

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Hi duke. The rx version I have with the metal gears. Id buy that again over the alphaking any day. The alphaking has an awesome gearbox but when firing semi auto its just stops working. Flip to auto and its all good. The rx ak I cant fault and its 1 to 1 scale of the real ak47m too :+1::sunglasses:

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Haven’t done a game yet. BUT. I do have 3 rifle bags that I can carry 2 in each. But 5 share the same mags. But figure have a spare of each for a game :+1: I just love them. I have a 6ft camping table out the back where I take them all and fire at a target.

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I lurve my RX AK. It’s one of the first versions and has had no end of fixes

The latest fail was the piston ladder. Just shagged as. Too soft.

If you are willing to put the work in the Rx AK rocks but if you want a point and spray jobby…the full nylon Rx AK or something else


Thats the collection done! … well… .until I see a really, really good shotgun and maybe another smg or something super special - I am done lol

Will be testing the fps of pretty much all of them this weekend


@RaZz0R What are you? A frikin octopus?images%20(9)


you could use a nice recurve

maybe a palm bow?

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That bow is the wifes lol I am in the process of replacing mine - but keep buying blasters

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