Combo soldering iron and heat "gnu"

I am considering buying a gas combo soldering iron and heat “gnu”.

Are they any good?

Any one used/has one?

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We use them all the time at work, but that’s mostly on site stuff and a lot of the time onsite has no power.

Great for cooking heat shrink thou. Savings getting out electric heat g**

At home I find my goot electric soldering iron is warms up faster and way better for delicate electrics (originally bought to build battery packs) than the gas ones

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I have both the 85w Goot and the full station and they are the best Irons I ever used period ! Expensive but worth every cent :+1:


I avoid when I can and have thrown away quite a few.
Difficult to regulate temp.
Short working time.
Excess heat to item being worked on and surrounds.
Nozzle blockage.

In the workshop I only use gas for silver brazing, when oxy is not needed and for quick chats with redbacks.

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Thanks heaps folks for the input.
I will steer clear of them.
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I have both. And the gas one has its place but the electric one gets far more use. Pretty much the long and the short of it

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