Comparative testing of Bruisemaster barrel vs alloys

This is a comparative testing and measurement of FPS for bruisemaster gold standard 7.1 bore 35cm barrel length, both using a combination of:

normal ausgel milky whites & public range yellow cheap balls
LDT milky whites specifically grown between 6.8 - 7.1mm

Originally had a LDT HK416 stock performing an average of 240-260 fps: [250 avg fps]
(high for stock, also had an 11.1v)

Then installed a 35cm alloy barrel just to test: avg FPS went up to [260 avg fps]

Then moved to the Bruisemaster 35cm gold barrel:
normal ausgel milky whites & public range yellow cheap balls: [270 avg fps]
LDT Milky whites specifically grown between 6.8-7.1mm: [280 avg fps]
LDT MW grown 6.8-7.1mm with LDT hop up: [270 avg fps]

Conclusion: I was highly impressed with the bruisemaster gold barrel, it basically improved my stock by 20 FPS.

Now the story behind my struggles and initial issues which everyone needs to know about to save you time and frustration.

Issue 1:
Make sure the gold barrel is pushed right back into the HK416 t-piece. Get a torch out and small tooth pic and move the tooth pic where the inner of barrel is to where the balls move into the t-piece. If it depresses before the inner t-piece feeder then it isn’t in far enough. This can take considerable force.
(Didn’t have this issue with the J10 t-piece, however, needed to use glue to secure the j10 t-piece to gold barrel)

Issue 2:
Balls, Balls and growing more and more balls.
Did I have issues doing this! Handling each individual ball x4 before getting it ready felt wrong to say the least.
I started trying to follow @bruisemaster guidelines but resulted in the balls being too small.
Moved to his 2nd method of just throwing the gells into heaps of water and timing it until they reached 6.9-7.0mm.

This is really important: It took me an exact time of 1.5 hours for LDT hardened milky whites to grow them to the correct size, growing the balls on a flat surface so they didn’t overgrow one another.

Before doing this method I was getting like 20fps and 70fps. Using the calipers verniers to measure thinking I was on the money but it wasn’t.

Finding 3:
Realising i could use any standard ball grown to any standard size.
This helped me lose the frustration and worry of any ball overgrowing by .1-.3mm.
Also helped me realise that i can go to public matches and if i run out of my own balls i can still be outperforming most other blasters on the field even with stock yellow balls.

Finding 4:
Built one of Low guidos ball filters, after trying to measure balls this way, filter/capture, and grow the smaller balls more, and dehydrate the larger balls - this turned into a never ending - constantly perfecting frustration game. I ended up not using it, after all those days of building and perfecting it.

Hope this info helps.

Love ya @Bruisemaster

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Does the grow time for the different gels vary?

What are they?

The other gels were a combo of Ausgel MW’s and some Chinese generic yellow public range ball, i grew the ausgel milkywhites weeks ago in an uncontrolled way grown to full size!??!
(heaps of water in a tub for hours or even overnight)
and some how they merged into my public range stash.

Yes, Brusiemaster barrels could use 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 sized gel balls some how firing just fine with great fps and not shattering on exit?
I’ve got no idea how or why.

The LDT MW’s apparently grow differently, but i just followed the controlled time method checking every few minutes when i knew and could see they were getting closer to the end.

Thank God for that, because i was starting to get over checking each gel and adding small amounts of water over hours and still not getting results.

Hahahaa…oh bugger that

I’m thinking tea strain and 20 max.

A little sizing jig

My FB 7.2 barrels are a bit precious about their food so I need to master grow

I have never had a shattering issue forcing larger gels through a tight bore barrel, the issue is accuracy ,because they are being compressed and then expand rapidly and wobble on exiting the barrel.

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The other issue you can have is jamming at the most inconvenient time, like in the middle of a skirmish, this is even worse with the new yellow Ausgel Armourtech gels

This was my experience with the ausgel yellows.

Thought it was just me

It’s a fact, The only way I would use them now would be if they could grow 100% consistent in size but that is far from the truth

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Well that’s going to save me some time. Won’t have to try that now


Good work fella,
The methods described on the web page are for a particular Milky White that are purchased in the gold packets. As time goes on these are becoming harder to get which is a shame because still to this day they have the least amount of variation in size and weight.
Different types of gels absorb differing amounts of water to reach full size. The Warinterest MW’s for example require at least 30% more water to reach full size than the gold packet Milkies! For this reason it is important to grow some small amounts and record how much water is required to grow the gels to the target size then apply this formula on a larger scale.
I am constantly testing new and old gels using different methods and to gather new data. Recently tests were carried out to see how gels compare in size at half hour intervals during growth. What I’ve found is that the size varies from the moment they begin to grow which means that even when pulled at a particular time the variation in size is unavoidable and similar to when they are left to soak over a long period of time.
Another interesting observation is that the Armour Tech MW’s tend to shatter if dried before loading but don’t if loaded wet.
Highest FPS gains are achieved with gels 0.1mm larger in diameter than the bore size (7.2mm for Gold Series barrels is best)
It’s got to a point where soaking gels to reach their full size and strength then using a device to sort out the preferred size and dump the rest yields the best results.
I think that labeling gels as harder is quite appropriate. They are harder to shoot accurately, sometimes harder to get. In the case of the new Warinterest 3.0’s (red) they’re much harder than the Milkies… much harder to see that is :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Just ran a range test for 30 meters with warinterest hop up on with LDT MW’s.
Absolutely no issue hitting that wheelie bin 30 meters away and could even reach further say 35 Meters max before falling (■■■ nozzle was not tilting vertically for reach!)
Chrono was showing 295 fps with hop up on.

I wont grow in controlled water conditions any more. I was timing my MW’s every 2-3 minutes once they were nearing size.
Thanks for the 7.2mm tip thats a huge help, didnt read that anywhere on your notes!
I will now grow with 7.17mm caliper gauged.

I reproduced my grow method x3 each time successful accuracy in size.
(I’ll look around for the gold packets, still see some websites with them on)

Theres more to come, I’ve got a J10 with upgraded motor, metal piston & gears on its way. Was under performing around 190 -220 fps…

@Bruisemaster have you been in contact with any Chinese manufactures for Gel’s, any way they can narrow the growth size variations?

If you are growing in tap water try pulling them and rinsing at 7.0 mm average. Let them sit for about half an hour then add fresh water to top up the size. They will grow quite quickly once clean water has been added so keep a close eye on them.

When using tap water I’ve found that the water drained off is quite cloudy as opposed to distilled or Pureau which the drained water is much clearer. As tap/town water is full of chemicals like chlorine (particularly in areas fed from Wivenhoe dam) I believe that these chemicals are reacting with the gels which clouds the water.
The gels don’t absorb the cloudy water so well and when rinsed and fresh water given the absorption rate increases significantly.

As for contacting the manufacturers of the gels I think this would be the same as contacting Cadbury and asking them to put a little less sugar in the blocks that you personally buy. The Gel blaster market for gels is insignificant compared to the quantities manufactured and to alter manufacturing process for our requirements would only be considered if you begin purchasing multiple tonnes rather than kgs. This is not my field though and considering a manufacturer has produced glow gels indicates that some changes can be made. Perhaps it is impossible or cost prohibitive to make gels that are more consistent in size and weight or perhaps manufacturers are being asked to change the wrong aspects of the gels such as hardness.

I feel like a broken record having to repeat over and over that CONSISTENCY particularly size and weight is the key factor. Smaller gels, closer to 6.0mm and heavier would be a significant benefit again as they are closer to the dimensions that the apparatus was designed to propel and a smaller dimension would perform better in the atmosphere. Less drag.

For all those who like to modify V2 boxes for Gel a smaller diameter is far easier to make feed and fire. If you are struggling to achieve this with your build try using gels closer to 7 mm and see how you go.