Compatible charging handle for asiaairsoft metal receiver

Planning a new blaster atm. Just purchased 2x metal receivers.
Switching out my nylon gen 9 for metal one and working with bruisemater to build me a monster.
Looking for compatible red charging handles.
Can anyone tell me if either of these will fit that reciever?

Red Metal Ambidextrous Handle Accessory Aluminum Alloy AR Charging Handle Tool YH-17

Thanks guys. Great forum. Happy to be a new member here. :+1:

I’m buying both since no one knows.
I’ll let you know how it goes

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The first link is for an actual M16/M4 cocking piece.

The next one looks gel blaster

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I thought that was the case. This is actually what I did.
Just got the one

I’m pretty sure there is no difference between M4 and what ever is suppose to be gel blaster. I have a metal receiver from aisaairsoft and all it’s inner workings look the same as my nylon BD556 receiver.
The new MPX/Titan gel blasters is a whole new kettle of fish and doesn’t even use a return spring for the charging handle in their metal receivers.

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just for reference, SLR metal charge handle won’t drop in fit a j9 m4a1

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So the reciever from asiaairsoft fits the v2 gearbox.
I got one for a MK box and one for my gen9.
Will the gen 9 fit or should I have got one of their gel blaster model recievers for the gen 9?
Thanks Maystro

Mate yeah I love those metal receivers, best bang for your buck and all assembled not like the Xpower BD556.
I have an APS V2 box in my metal receiver which fits great with the FB metal t piece.
I never tried fitting my Gen9 box in the asiaairsoft receiver, I wish I did when I had so many parts lying around. I do know the Gen9 box fits in my BD556 receiver which looks identical in size to the Asiaairsoft receiver.
Also the gel blaster version of the Asiaairsoft receiver is identical to their M4 ones just different logos I’m pretty sure to get it through.

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One is an actual weapon.

None are weapons, they are both receivers which are identical with diff logos. They are for gel balls?

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