Compatible Mags - Kublai M4A1

Just wondering if anyone’s got first-hand experience with what magazines are compatible with the Kubbie M4? I’ve read what little there is online (which isn’t much at all really) but want to know if anyone knows for sure.

have you got any pics of the mag as I could tell you by eye which ones should be compatible without testing it

Cheers, @Mr.milkman… I’m thinking Gen 8 mags, yeah?

is that image zoomed in coz that recess for the mag clip looks massive lol but that mag looks same size as the one I got with my hk416d

and if that’s the case then without making any mods the gen8 mags won’t fit so it’s up to you but there’s a couple of ways to get around this you could Dremel out the gen8 mags to suit the Kublai mag clip or you another option is to just swap Kublai mag clip with the jingji SLR receiver mag clip as their same size clips it’s just the end of the Kublai has the bigger wedge to grip their mags

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Nah, not zoomed! Yeah, it looks like I’ve got to either Dremel out change the mag clip… I just bought a mag clip (well, I did weeks ago, but won’t be seeing it for a while), and didn’t know the wedge was different. I just wanted to get rid of the f’n orange! We’ll see what happens when it gets here…