Complete beginner going down the rabbit hole! Help please

Hi all,

Looking to get a blaster, but the more I look the more confused I am becoming. There really are an amazing number of options and stores out there.
I’ve spent the last week and a half looking at and reading as much as I can. But i’m starting to go cross eyed!!
Time to ask for a little help I think

I’m after a well balanced blaster and thinking the HK416 seems nice, however I would like metal.
I know there is a preorder for a metal HK416 which is quite reasonable I think. But I would like something sooner.

I am also considering something like the Wells M401, which whilst probably an older blaster now, represents pretty good value at $140 delivered on ebay. And lots of mods available for it.

I know I will want to upgrade whatever I get anyway, so was also thinking about something like the Azrael Titan. Not really cheap, but seems a lot better than many others and arguably offers better value than the all metal HK416.

Another option is to build something from scratch. Whilst I have the ability to build a blaster, my main issue would be choosing parts that are compatible. And finding them. Seems so many stores are out of stock of many things.

OK, over to the wiser more experienced to comment.

Thank you


Hi and welcome.

There is no right and wrong first blaster… until you own one, you can’t know what you do or don’t like… so, in my opinion, you simply need a blaster to start with.

I probably sound like a broken record, but really, the M401, HK416, Gen9 or J10 are all good fun to start with and put a smile on your dial… then, you can begin to know by what you have… what you would rather have (or should have bought)

So, see which of these ones you can get cheap off ebay, get a seal and probably a 1.2mm - 1.3mm spring for when you get confident to change these… take a look at LowGuido’s videos on the intertubes to see how they are fitted… and start having some fun.

I always suggest getting a first blaster like this… not to modify as such… just to keep relatively stock (old faithful) and then buy something else to tinker with and modify… while having old faithfull ready to go and be reliable any time.

Nothing worse than having only one blaster… which is highly modded… but you are waiting for a couple of parts and have nothing to play with in the mean time :cry:


If you want to spend a little Kublai K1 ot K2…great blasters, v2 gearbox so many compatible parts with soft air products…which mean huge range…
M4A1 has the newest Well v4 called M4A1 v4…$400 awesome blaster out of the box.
They are my picks.


I bought a HK, broke it (accidentally) now i have a bombed out Phantom Extremis and one i built myself that far too dangerous to skirmish with.
my opinion is buy something solid and reliable to tinker and do some simple mods to, this will keep you shooting and it will addict you to the sport.
Then build one on the side. that way you have one at all times and one you can learn and build and get the hang of on the side. also means you can have one for regular skirmish’s and a custom one that will potentially take limbs off.
good luck Boss!


I got quite a variety of blasters in my possession but my first was the wells m401, it was really good besides the amount of downfalls it had once upgrading it, good blaster to learn on but in my experience you’ll get sick and tired of it and move to something else that’s more streamlined. for a beginner and a tinkerer and an all rounder I suggest the kublai m4 k1, now it is about $330 a bit pricey for the performance out of the box but they’re intention with it was that they knew people would modify it so why bother spending the extra money on springs and whatnot but instead spend their budget on the receiver, body, gearbox, metal receiver adapters, metal mag release, metal trigger, metal sights, metal barrel and metal buffer tube - and probably more metal parts that I can’t recall

With both gearboxes in comparison. a slight faster motor and a 1.3mm spring in the wells will completely blow out the front end of the gearbox. as for the kublai gearbox I’ve tested a Purple Chihai motor on it and a 1.5 spring in and it holds up very well.


Thank you all for the kind replies and suggestions.

It seems I should probably buy a cheap blaster to start with, and perhaps work on a customised one as well.

The Wells M401 v4 seems very nice, but does have a low ROF for the price.

That Kublai m4 K1 indeed seems great. Lots of metal, apart from the receiver and gearbox. However it didn’t get the greatest review from Guido’s Chop Shop.
If I was to replace the following

Receiver -metal
cylinder, head, spring, oring etc
inner barrel
handguard -metal

Would it be worth it over say building from scratch ?

don’t be put off by a low ROF…its not how many you put in the air but that they make their target that counts.

the new wells is still 7.2v / 2S? if so, then a 3S / 11.1v battery will surely pick up that ROF

ROF in reality really means you burn through your mag faster


Personally, I’d get a gen9 as they are cheap and good and very “standard” as far as parts go. Do a few small mods (o ring etc). That way you get your head around how it all fits together and you’ve got a fairly decent blaster. (as everyone else has suggested)
Then just buy parts to build your own “custom blaster” from scratch.
Some of those parts you will change your mind on and they can go back into your gen9, or towards your third and fourth and fith and… You get the idea…

For me I like the playing around and building stuff process…

One thing I’ve learnt is don’t spend forever deciding what bits to buy, if your getting bits off AliExpress they are fairly cheap. Just take the plunge and buy some stuff and start mucking around.

You will find you sometimes order or receive the wrong parts, or like I said change your mind between the time you order and the time they arrive, so don’t over think it.

Ask anyone who’s been doing this for a while, they probably have enough parts to build six blasters from scratch in little plastic bags they have never opened if they looked through all their drawers and boxes around the house… :rofl:


Don’t judge a blaster by its motor speed, pretty much any stock blaster will have a rubbish rof and you’ll end up changing the motor anyway, and yes people said that about the k1 because they didn’t understand why, it’s a modders ■■■ not a pick up and play and everything will be the way you want it, and your whole metal receiver and gearbox ideas will soon turn into a bad idea, I have metal receivers and metal gearboxes and after wasting money on things that Don’t go together unless you have time and patience to mod receivers and gearboxes to fit each other, also the downside is how heavy it becomes, the nylon receiver on the kublai is the best nylon receiver you could possibly buy in my opinion.


Cylinder and head are already top notch quality, the nozzle doesn’t look like much but it works just as well as an oring nozzle, the plunger head definitely needs upgrading.

The only things I have in and running my gearbox to achieve an average of 330fps at 25-29rps is a 480 Chihai purple motor, metal 18:1 gears, 1.4 uneven spring, nylon plunger with metal ladder, Metal double o ring plunger head, sector gear has two teeth cut and the ladder has the second first tooth cut and the last two teeth cut, delay chip, mini tamiya plugs, 11.1v battery, upgraded faster mag motors.

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Whatever blaster you buy first, will end up being the wrong one (unless you pay huge money for one that is top notch and sorted) …

So, you may as well buy a cheap one first…

Then, when you do ‘upgrade’ or buy something ‘better’… you will have a baseline (old faithful) to gauge whether the new one is actually better or not noidea

Most of us have ‘upgraded’ something… only to find it was better before we killbunny farked with it… ceazy

If you have never played with a standard blaster… you don’t really know if your ‘you beaut’ one is actually any better shoot laughing%20(1)


And as we poor (literally) existing addicts say when we see a noob starting to spend up…

And… get ready! drama rofl



Wow, great replies and info. Thanks again.

Calcifier - Yes I can see the money pit starting to grow.
Touching on the “huge money” comment. Would something like this fit the description?

I’m wondering if these are good value. Or just good value if you can’t build it yourself.
Is it fair to say I could easily spend that much upgrading a cheap blaster, and still end up not having something that shoots as well, if not done right ?

Luke, Thanks again for your information. Are you able to PM me more details about the parts you used ?


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Thanks for your suggestions.
Haha, sounds like plenty of other hobbies, where you end up having tons of parts that never get used.
I’ve got model heli parts still in bags, that were discontinued 10 years ago…

You say get a gen9, I assume you mean JM M4 gen9 ? There are a few gen8s floating around too. Are they even worth considering ? Pros and cons ?



Gen 8’s generally have plastic body and plastic gearbox halves and plastic gears… although the very latest had the gen 9 style nylon gearbox halves (but gen 8 shape) and nylon gears… I think I have seen these advertised as Gen8.5… but you really don’t know if what Gen 8 you are looking at is early, late or counterfeit… All ads will say they are the latest version lie%20emo

If you buy a Gen 9 marked as all nylon, everything should be nylon… even if counterfeit.

The biggest difference between 8 & 9 (other than the use of plastic) is the Gen 8 gearbox has the motor connected to the gearbox even when you take the gearbox out of the blaster… the Gen 9 has the motor in the hand grip and has to be removed before and separate to the gearbox. The Gen 9 you have to wind/adjust the motor height/mesh of first gear after the gearbox is back in the blaster… so, a Gen 9 you can change the motor easy :+1: avatar_22


Great! Thanks for explaining that. Makes sense.

Also gen9 has a thread on the receiver shell for attaching the front handguard which is standard for what 99% of handguards use including all of the AS stuff. The gen8 has a non standard way of attaching which requires an adaptor.

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Thanks, that’s good to know also.

There really needs to be wiki. So much info that newcomers just can’t know. And it’s hard to know what questions to ask to get the right information.

Like, is there a gelblaster “anatomy” page anywhere ? Something that shows what all the parts are, and what is compatible and needed for different models and versions.

Those Azrael’s army blasters are dope.
i have one and my uncle just bought the Venom.
you could build up a standard blaster to shoot a higher FPS for less.
but for a solid metal body, V2 box and a reliable sturdy and really fun blaster.
these are awesome.

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OK. It’s hard to know what they really have inside them though.
And there are almost no reviews…

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