Compression, displacement, storage, VE?

Got some good vids on this subject to quell some of the debate.
Upload problems on a SG s5. Wont go up. Won’t go through. Not a gel question, but if i can get help to upload then it may put this issue to bed hopefully. And they’re slightly funny as well. And there is absolutely no deception/trickery here. They’re pretty crap qaulity, but the results are there. As you may see in the end, my attempt is to show that its just tape and a balloon. :laughing: I’ll try once more but any help would be great.
Im just getting> “computa sayz no”
(authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif).
2 vids of serious debate.
So any help would be great.
Some interesting veiwing if i can get them up.
Tried again, no go. Im a bit “Tardy” on tech stuff, but I’ll break a box and do gears all day long.
If some help out there?..please. Dont really want to try and do a live capture as i hammered my (cough, cough), g8 in the first 2 vids, (dry fire hammer) process, and she’s still on the strippables. But that fire rate is pretty sick, for a mild g8.
Maybe pm from some tech would help.
Otherwise, sorry for the space waste.
Chaaars. :tumbler_glass:

try a different browser?

Thanks. I’ll give that a go.

This page will only accept links to videos already uploaded elsewhere.

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Yeah. 20mb limit too. I’ll try sorting it out and revisit this when i do. Thanks.

Yep. I had to convert this to gif and crop.
Slo-mo of 702 at 25m having hop up tuned.