Conceal inner barrel hop up

Hi all,

I need to conceal my inner barrel hop up; with either a suppressor or an outer barrel extender thats wide enough to fit the inner barrel hop up inside of it.

Currently ive got these 2 beautiful blasters with barrels extending way past their end point just waiting to bend that $125 worth of inner barrel goodness.

How do people do this?
Do you use silencer suppressor or outer barrel extenders?
Someone posted me this website as help, but still dont know to go for suppressor or barrel extender.

And if they could provide pics for what they’ve done that would be really helpful


(Measured up my J10’s got a 13.5mm outer barrel thread and the HK416 has a 13.8mm outer barrel thread, im guessing that means purchase anything with a 14mm inner thread? as thats all thats out there despite there being 0.3mm difference between the two)
hk416 extends 11.5cm and j10 extends 13cm

I havent done it yet as I’m still waiting for my barrel and hop up to arrive, but I hand made a suppressor for my M4 with the intent to do exactly that. Once I cut the barrel to the right length and put the hop up on, then I will mount the suppressor so it the end of hop up is in line with the end of the suppressor an make up an end cap to suit.