Concept: Game Bomb

I’m putting this in “Off-Topic” because technically this could be used for just about any game.

So what I’ve been thinking about for the last few days is a “game bomb” that allows you to play Seek and Destroy style missions (CS:GO, CoD, BF Defuse game mode).

So far I’m thinking about using a Raspberry Pi Nano W0 with an accelerometer, keypad and LCD screen for the toy. This will link through to a Windows or Linux based game controller which allows players to set up things such as bomb timer, bomb pin, defuse pin, etc.

The idea is, the attacking team will have to get to a location and enter a number to arm the bomb.

Then defending team will have to disarm the bomb. This could be done via something as simple as holding a button for a specified time, or playing a small mini-game on the screen.

Game events will be played through the game controller, which I imagine would be hooked up to a PA system or other speaker system, which would announce events such as “Bomb armed”, “Bomb defused”, an explosion sound for when it goes off, and maybe even a beeping tick down for when it’s ticking down.

The “bomb” itself will also have a small loudspeaker, and lights to indicate its status, such as flashing red for ticking, and white for about to explode.

Probably going to plan out the basic functionality over the next few weeks, then get parts and start coding maybe next month, as I’m currently busy at work and also have a few skill gaps I’ll need to fill before I can complete this task.

If anyone would be interested in working with me on this, or has any ideas of functionality that they’d like to see, I’m all ears.

Other possible features I’ve been thinking about:

  • Android based control application (iOS down the track)
  • Web based control application (so you can control from any device connected to the same network)
  • headless mode - no server required to run the game, bomb does it all
  • ‘Defuse kits’ which allow players to plug in and ‘defuse’ the bomb
  • Multiple “bomb” support
  • Proximity detection to a target device (likely with Bluetooth and a custom made bluetooth device)
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For the cost if you’re planning on using a piZ, a 3.5/7" LCD touch with a http game setup/control interface.

Make it self contained rather than rely on USB driver and client os configs

Sign me up for a.couple!

Sounds amazing mate.

I have been wanting to incorporate some sort of speaker system with my claymore…

there are a few out there you could model off…i’m curious what yo will come up with also.

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Oh man… that is awesome!

Yeah they can be purchased. Only thing is they are pretty expensive for what it is. I searched for ages a while ago to find one. There is one you can get built on Etsy also but it’s not as pretty haha.

And Trouble in Terrorist Town is an awesome game mode, one of my favourites.

Just realized the necro :rofl:, ahh well it’s still relevant.

I would love to be a fly on the wall when you are trying to explain to the cops what the device in the boot of your car is :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Same goes for the portable time machine I built. Probably don’t want to have that in the back of the car…


Press the timer and run. :rofl::rofl:

Wouldn’t go down too well, but the thought is funny.

That time machine is cool as, does it function electronically or is it all looks? You could turn that into a mock bomb easily.

How cool it that time machine !
Does it really work ? I want one :sunglasses:

Oh yeah, it talks, does a system check when you turn it on and tells you if it’s not set right,
When you activate it it charges up with sounds and lights before it transports you.
Dials move and everything… Very interactive.

Thanks for the complements!
I take my mad scientist stuff seriously!

Well you are Marty so you learnt it all from Doc !
How many gigawatts does it take to operate :rofl::joy::rofl:

  1. 21 jig-a-whats haha

@Arty_Marty could you price up a build?

@BigWeetBix I’ve been thinking about making one… with lots of different ways to defuse it depending on gameplay.

  • enter a code
  • cut wires in specific order
  • have a random interactive thing you have to do that takes xxx seconds to complete so you’re a sitting duck for people to use as target practice…

I’d also want to make it water/dirt resistant so if it’s in the rain, mud, gets dropped in a creek etc it won’t screw it up.

As for cost… that’s a tough one…
I’ve done custom stuff like that before and its a lot easier when you have a budget because you can just go and buy exactly what you want and make it. Much better than spending time money and petrol driving around trying to find bits at op-shops …

What features do you want on it? What sort of look do you want? Backyard terrorist? Mad scientist? Military Tech? Star Wars? Avengers/Tony stark? Macgyver?

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Don’t accidentally leave one in your backpack on a bus… you might end up in Guitmo… :sweat_smile:

Cheap pelican knock off case. Maybe just activate 2 keys.

  • One to turn on the device
  • two to arm which is only activated 30 seconds after first key turn.

A variable countdown would be cool, else go with a 5 min countdown.

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Ok, I’ll start looking into it…

Ps. Just looked up how much real pelican cases are…
F - ME! :astonished:
They would want to come with a pretty healthy pelican at that price!

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