Content Request?

Hey guys Galápagos J here,

Just want to check in with you guys if you have any particular content that you would like to see from my channel? Let me know if you have any questions or ideas, thanks guys!



Some content on metal upgrades and whether they improve the blaster or whether they’re more cosmetic and barrel length and whether longer is better

He has done a barrel length to cylinder ratio video. In that video he states longer barrels being more accurate as the turbulence has less effect on the gel ball. Low Guido found the sweetspot for barrel length for velocity to be 30-35cm. My own testing is inline with this. I had no extra fps from 50cm barrels. Infact the shot to shot variation was wider. Also found longer not more accurate with gel blaster. Less time in the barrel seems to be more beneficial.
Now onto video idea. Testing done by GJ with various barrel lengths chrono’d and accuracy tested.
Debunk the longer is accurate myth or show it’s true

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Yes i saw that but haven’t actually seen it in practice only the theory behind it

Loving your channel GJ. I found todays vid on barrels and porting good info. I’d like to see something on different gear ratios and how they affect performance.


Gear ratio is actually quite straight forward. The lower the number the faster ROF it gets. What it does affect is the timing of the air seal nozzle opening and closing at the three way. For faster setups, its best to get gears with a delayed timing.

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Let me think about how to do the video, because accuracy can be affected by many things other than just the cylinder and the barrel combination. And to maintain the same variables, you need to have the same blaster with different barrel lengths. But that would also mean the blaster will have to have different lengths of inner barrels + three way + gel stoppers, hand guards and outer barrel to match, since the stabilisation of the inner barrel relies on the outer barrel and the hand guard. Any element not done properly will contribute to an inaccurate result, there are quite a few variables that can actually be affected by human error. And at the end of the day, I currently don’t have the money to buy that many different hand guards… that stuff costs the most…


Yep can understand that, will keep thinking of idea’s for you, I emailed you last night in regards to the pre load chip…thanks

Regarding metal upgrades, it depends on where. There are several parts that are more practical to be metal than nylon. Handguard is actually quite a good metal upgrade as it helps with the stabilisation with the inner barrel as well, provided that it sits right with the receiver, or you have a good quality receiver. Some receivers on the market are quite soft and metal hand guards actually make it worse because it can “swing” at the delta ring due to the receiver being too soft.
For the gear box, its better to have metallic ones for longevity of the gear box. Its more stable as well as the various openings won’t stretch or deform in the long term such as the bushing openings. Some nylon gear box can shatter at the cylinder head quite easily as well if you have sustained auto fire with high powered spring.
At the end of the day, its just based on the principle of preventing wear and tear with metal parts.


Can you please do a review video on masks and goggles that can be worn with glasses.
From the basic ski goggle style, goggle mask combinations through to helmets like the iron warrior style like these.

Notes on comfort, do they fog up etc…

That would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Arty_Marty,

Will try, but I don’t have this helmet, I have another kind. Personally, I don’t like wearing masks for 2 reasons, first it hinders my ability to aim down the sight, second is, it blocks all the gel balls and it doesn’t hurt anymore. No point playing if it doesn’t hurt man.


Agree I roll decent eye pro and if it’s hot shorts and T shirt no worries. Nothing like a lil zap to wake you up lol


Haha good point. That’s what I used to say about paintball vs laser tag.

Laser tag: hope I don’t get shot when I jump out from behind this door. “beep beep” Bugger I’m dead.

Paint ball: Hearing paint balls smacking loudly into the sheet of corrugated iron you’re hiding behind - Oh shit this is really going to f*ing hurt if they get me.

At least a review of eye pro that works with glasses then. Either way I still have to see before, during and after a game!

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Steps, tricks and um… more tricks to sealing air leaks throughout the blaster from cylinder to t piece. There’s many out there but something that pulls them together can can demonstrate their application would be a great resource.

I agree, I have done a lot of Paintballing in the past. They are a lot bigger(not sure on specs always hired the gear on the spot at events) and the paintballs flew all over the place. Sometimes you get a lucky shot.

I remember one game we organized for a mates bucks do, they had one full auto per team. It was fun but really expensive after running thru 2k balls in the afternoon. I got smashed after I see a line of balls coming for my head. lol The supplied masks sucked, fog up but keep you protected more importantly.

I’ve got some Daisy X7 eye pro on order, they are cheap but with a polarised lens set they look the goods. One way to find out :slight_smile:

For what I do I’m not big on full helmets. If I want one I can chuck my MX helmet on. Tend to get a bit hot running around snap shots etc.

Decent eye pro, hat/beanie and a SA Company face shield so I don’t get a gel ball up my nostril works fine :wink:


A buddy of mine had a glow in the dark gel ball shot in his mouth. That was epic…


lol why I wear a cloth face shield, stops all that. Ears, nose, mouth, neck and is fully breathable. Works for me :wink:

Thanks for your videos btw, learned a lot. Have watched a few and will watch more. Keep it going, so helpful!

You should have seen him laughing in the dark…


haha the boogeyman! lol

full face lead to ugly paintball / gel ball hybrids

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