Contrary to Queensland stassi fkry

Gbf will not be ostracising you filthy unvaccinated (not even a vaccine) mofos

We do not support the modern version of ww2 Germany for profit


Speak for yourself, if I get the chance I ostracize as many anti vaxers as possible :fu:


I’m not anti Vax, I’m just not getting the covid jab since it doesn’t do anything or have any proven long term benifits or disadvantages.


I have the vaccine can confirm no death or injury because of it for under 18’s :grin:

i take no issue with vaxxers…it is their right to do what they want with their bodies…but that all ends when they think they can force me to do what they want with MY body


Its just even going to be even harder to enforce - not that many people want to do the QLD Check-in app as it is, now they’re saying they’ve got to check-in and be double vaxxed? I pray for every hospitality and retail worker.

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it does a few things

1: lessens the symptoms apparently
2: lessens the spread, but you do still spread
3: double jab damages your immune system enough that you will never develop natural or artificial immunity
4: all those pesky damage reports.

that aside,m its nice to see a pro vac pro choice per instance position.


I’d say not dying from covid is a pretty good benefit


And here we fucking go ……. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


my missus is not out of a job because of that.

and we’re really fkn lucky in comparison to allot of people who will be in the same position in that i earn enough from a good employer to not need her hospitality money which was pretty shit to begin with

so here’s the thing and if i ever find the damn vid again…

1 serious hospitalisation (not necessarily death) in global numbers out of 37 344 (from memory, 37k + significant change) healthy person under 45

same sample size, 833 people in that 37k group over 45, fat, with comorbid conditions

and of the rest, flu like syptoms

its not the terminal malady they crack it up to be

oh…and…turns out, i’m fat, over 45 and in the mild risk group…my response, fish twice a week, exercise twice a week. my blood pressure has already dropped from 140s to 120s

forgot to mention before…the notVaccine has a legitimate death rate so whilst really super small…the jab CAN KILL YOU

Yes but lots of people are dying because the hospital system is clogged with covid patients

Having body autonomy is fine, I have no issues with it infact I wholeheartedly support it, but if pubs and clubs can turn you away for not wearing the correct shoes, then why shouldn’t they have the option of turning you away for not being vaccinated to enter their premises?


so they claim

morticians however went on air and said, not so much

ABS stats, not so much

and lets face it…if the dumb die…isn’t that good for “democracy”

federal privacy and biosecurity law…

and…whyt not, hair colour, skin colour, pay bracket, religious preference

give them an inch…

wrong is wrong. no legalese makes it right, just or moral

I don’t mean covid patients dying, I’m talking about ordinary people on the waiting list, especially the elderly who have to wait sometimes too long for elective surgery and such

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Exactly. You’re still going to get it. It will still very likely kill you. You’re still going to get locked down.

A recent interview with a ICU nurse in SA said that ICU’s are clogged with young people with heart issues because of the vaccine and ERs are clogged with people with adverse reactions to the jab. Her statements were supported by other nurses at the protest


I remember seeing that very valid points. A friend of ours is an immunologist specialising in genetic mutations of viruses and what is worrying to her is what’s called long covid which the vaccine can help prevent against.

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see no. its unlikely to kill me if i am in good health and a healthy weight. flu like symptoms

i would be at serious risk of hospitalisation (not guaranteed death) if i were 110kg and diabetic for instance

but i am 82kg so 10-15 over and have no commorbid conditions so the risk is wholly manageable for me.

an interesting point raised today in a rather vibrant discussion…

the jabbed, who are unlikely to notice their reduced symptoms are going out into the community spreading the love…umm…i mean festy…

me…unjabbed, wakes up, feels like shit, stays home.

and my position on being killed is…well, yay because the way things are going wtf, why would i want to be part of / subjected to what’s coming

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