Control growing gels?

upgrading my vector to a possibly smaller barrel (7.3ID) and have heard that a certain type of gel works best in it while being “control grown”, is anyone able to explain what that means and the process of control growing gels? thanks

In brief

You control

  • Water quality
  • Grow time
  • And to a lesser extent if you are inclined, water temperature

or you could get gels that specifically grow to that size, aka gels grow between 7.15 and 7.3 ish

I have been lazy like this for yonks but then…sometimes you’re stuck with whatever you can get your hands on

That all being said. I use 7.3id barrels and I don’t bother about grow times. 7.3 for me is the sweet a lot that uses anything without much real issue.

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7.3 is definitely a sweet spot

my 7.2ID barrels are pitfa these days. used to be sweet as when i could get the old gold bag milkies but really temperamental on anything larger than 7.3 gels