Converting A Gen 8/ 9 Into A Long Range Blaster!

Hi Every one, this is my first post! so i was thinking of buying a gen 8 and converting it into to a blaster/ sniper / DMR that has a decent amount of range and accuracy (for a gel blaster). My questions are-
would a gen 9 be better to do this with?
Would a lower fire rate help with the accuracy and range?
What parts internally would you upgrade to achieve maximum range and accuracy?

Thnx Guys :+1: Hope someone can answer my questions!

I would be looking at gen 9 for the semi auto function if you were hoping for that kind of thing.

Range and accuracy generally dont go hand in hand with gel blasters, range means higher FPS, higher FPS means less accurancy.

You will need to try and find the happy compromise inbetween or become a wizard and do some really insane modding and alot of trial and errors.

Id start with the standard 11v, green o ring, spring, metal barrel and hop up combo and see how you like that.

I know someone* with an m24 with metal inner and outer barrels, hop up, metal bolt, thick ass springs and hand made a walnut stock as my snipper set. It is a manual single shot they* get good range an good accuracy from it but you are slow in a fight to reload and its only good as a camping setup


The gen9 would be a better platform to start onπŸ‘