Copper,alloy barrels and drum mags

guys,which is better ? alloy barrels or copper ?which is more expensive ? and has anyone know where to get a drum nag for Jin Ming AK 47

I probably wouldn’t use copper for gel blasters, it’ll corrode from repeatedly getting wet. Aluminium alloy is more resistant to that?

Definitely not …
Have you ever seen aluminium water pipes ?


Hmm true! What alloy is used in the Ausgel barrels?

thanks for input Torc and Rattler,I’ll keep that in mind,point taken,another thing has anybody use other stuff like carbon rods or something similar ?it seem to me like carbon fishing rods would be a nice subsitute for plastic ones,whatya reckon ??

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I like 316 stainless barrels


Carbon fibre would be very easy to break.
Carbon has good tensional strength but not compression strength so it is easy crushed or sheared.

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We’re using outer barrels to protect our inner barrels so the fragility might not be so much of a problem, but I’m not sure you could get a carbon fibre barrel that is smooth enough on the inside?

We are talking about the inner barrel that the gels travel down, yes?

Yes we are, but just doing up grub screws on to it will damage it, like fitting a hop up.
Also the carbon tube would need to have gelcoat or the epoxy would strip off in short order leaving exposed fibres

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316 stainless barrels ?seems lika plausible idea but in my area,that might be quite hard to find,but nevertheless will try to scourge the hardware for that,about the carbon rod,i was thinking that it could be a perfect outer barrel for our plastic tube,i.e a fit sleeve for our inner barrels,

There was someone who did it on here and it looked pretty good , maybe @spectre720

Here are the stainless barrels


This was the thread where @spectre720 used a carbon fibre outer barrel.
Then he went and sold it :frowning:

M16A4 (ish) build

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the carbon fibre barrels are great

well looks like someone already beat me with the carbon sleeve ideas,nice…,its the best option the i have right now,so i might stick to that project,wish me luck,and about the Drum mags,does anybody bought the rx ak47 mags ?was it worth it ?