Correct spring installation

Does it matter which way the spring is inserted with an unequal spring ?
Should the tight coils at the end be against the Piston or retainer?

Tight coils go on the spring retainer


Awesome @Rattler.
Just thought I’d check while I have everything apart .
I ended up getting the high speed well motor to keep me going but I will get the chi hai that you recommended when my local has some more in stock.

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Have you got any idea what the specs on the wells motor are? Iv got one sat there because it cane with the new metal wells gearbox and I decided to use a chihi. Might use it elsewhere if it’s any good?

That motor is ok, it seems to have half decent magnets compared to other stock motors and has a good balance of speed and torque, I don’t know the specs sorry.
There is one issue with it ! The shaft support does not support the shaft at all so I would not use it without replacing it.