Couldn't resist, had to try one

Has a nice solid feel to it, but a bit light.

Forget the 7.4v, just use the 14.8v.
Put around 200 gels through it with the battery as it came in the box. Averaged 34-35 shots from a mag.

It is consistent:

Over 15 metres it will hit inside a square approx 60cm x 60cm every time.

This is over 8 metres, the white target section is 230mm diameter

After about 200 gels, it seemed to lose fps ( down to mid 140s), but then I reloaded and it went back to 160s, then back down again. I thought maybe battery losing power, so have put it on the charger.

All you RC experts, is there a way of checking the remaining voltage on these batteries? I have a lipo voltage checker.
This is the battery connection, and the charger.

You could use a multimeter on the two outer pins.
The voltage shouldn’t change the fps I wouldn’t think ?


Thanks, I’ll try that.

Yeah, maybe it was the gels. There seemed to be more left inside than with previous mags.

The 14.8 battery reads 8.0v (after charging), the 7.4 in the blaster reads 7.6v (didn’t charge it)

It does in this thing. 10 gels with 14.8 - all in the 160s. Changed to 7.4 - dropped to 150s. Back to 14.8 - back to 160s. One of the reviews on it showed the same thing.

And I tried that target again with a two-handed grip. Put nearly every gel into the two inner rings. Bloody hell, using a two-handed grip on a gel blaster :rofl:

If the 14.8volt batterys reads 8.0v charged then it is a 7.4v battery


Mate, you are so right. It’s actually a second 7.4v battery that when turned on gives the blaster a total of 14.8v :grin:

Ok cool, 2s battery is 8.4v fully charged.
Weird it changes fps but it is what it is :thinking:
I normally go down to 7v on 2s then re charge, or storage charge to 7.6v on 2s Lipo.
Sounds like a fun toy :+1:

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How much was it?

I’m thinking of getting one.
Then make it look more like a mash up between this:

And this:


But mostly like the second image…

Points for anyone who knows where that’s from! :yum:

I am guessing Blade Runner ?

It was actually inspired by that, it’s from Battlestar Galactica. Best show ever!

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Oh yes ! I loved Battlestar Galactica :+1:

$120 from Tactical Edge. But they show it now as out of stock. This place has them in stock, don’t know what they are like though, never purchased from them.

That first picture had me guessing . I first thought it was an old Tokarev, then I saw the 5.7x28. It’s an FN57 isn’t it?

Edit: I just bought 2 mags for the 90two from them, see how that goes.

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I got to manhandle one recently.

Smoother than the g18.

Itching for spares to become available for them.

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I’m not sure how they come apart. there are 3 P/H screws on one side, and what could be a press-in pin under the slide. Looking into the base of the handgrip, it may be glued together at the bottom rear?

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They are very g18-ish and share a large number of parts.

It’s the fet and battery assembly I am interested in :sunglasses:

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How about you get one and pull it apart, then we’ll both know :grin:

Maybe this is of some use to you -

I’ve never seen a G18, so I had a look at one of guido’s videos where he changed the barrel on one. Yes, they are very similar.

The spring is 1.1 and 80 mm long.
Might cut down one of the 1.2 springs I have. Reckon that’d break something?


It might break something… How about you put that 1.2 spring in there, then we’ll both know :grin:

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see…going with no. :stuck_out_tongue:
the plan is to upgrade the g18

nylon cylinder and plunger…there’s an upgrade over the g18