Counterfeit Warinterest heavier milkies?

Just wondering if these are legit or counterfeit…
If you have a 100% genuine product can you please take a photo of the front and back of the pack please.

This is what I got. Looks suspicious Really bad screen print on pack:

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What size do they grow to?

They look identical to mine… it could just be the start of a new roll of packaging and the printing was a little out of alignment? :thinking:

Where did you get them?

It does look suss, it’s a shame LDT does not have good QC because that should have been a throw away or giveaway.

The inside will, more than likely, be fine. But it does raise questions.

If I was home I would have photographed mine for ya.

I got them from AliExpress @Calcifer

Normally I’d think why would it be worth making selling counterfeit gels, but I’ve seen counterfeit batteries that are a couple of button cells inside a metal tube with a bit of metal to make it heavy, shrink wrapped in a fairly good copy of the outer plastic.
The bloody effort to make that, to fake a $2 battery… They must really want the 50c extra profit!
Also note that I’ve had only one or two fake things from AliExpress out of thousands of purchases. AliExpress is good at punishing people who do that to protect their reputation, so it’s very rare. Ebay on the other hand doesn’t give a shit. (just don’t want anyone to get scared of AliExpress, because it’s really safe)

Oh if anyone could weigh an unopened pack I’d appreciate it. The three packs I have all weigh exactly 79.0g each

I’m growing a few in a glass of water to check the size.

I reckon it’s just the print on your ball bags there Marty :joy::joy::joy:. My unopened packets are all 79.40

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I just weighed my balls, they are 81 grams… :flushed: (I weighed 5 packets from link below and 3 packets marked X power from same place) A pretty good seller :sunglasses:

My ballbags are in good condition. :+1: (the printing)

I am waiting for some pics to get from my phone to my desktop… lost in cyberspace at the moment… will edit in once they arrive

I wont buy them again, the first couple of packs were really good and grew to an average of 7.4- 7.6 all our blasters loved them. I bough five packs from another vendor for $30 and they all averaged 7-7.1mm nearly just rolled out of the barrel when pointed at the ground. They ended up refunding my money!

Mine are growing to 7.2 - 7.4

Just make sure you “keep it alway from babies”… really? Alway?.. :wink:

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So who’s packs say keep alway from babies on the back?

Mine says: Feed to babies…

@Arty_Marty - on the rear photo you provided. Just thought that ‘may’ be a give away to it being counterfeit. But would need to check against other legit versions.

Mine all say ‘Keep it alway from babies’


It’s actually the same compound that is in their disposable nappies.

They have probably already eaten them…

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haha this mine says keep it alway from babies