COVID Restrictions

Does anyone know if Gel Balling is classified as a “community sport” and more to the point are we able to sneak a cheeky game in next weekend with current covid restrictions?
Also a category of outdoor business which a few fields may fall into?

In short probably not

Donnybrook posted on their page that they contacted their State MP, who then went to the Health Minister’s staff - long story short, they’re shut for the next two weeks.

I can’t see them playing too much with the technical definition and risking anything

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When the CHO spoke about sports and such this morning, she clarified that community sports involve people from all over coming together to play. In the case of gel ball, I’d say this would be included.

The only exception would be a school allowing kids play sports with their own cohorts.

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TEH had pointed out that the government didn’t class gelsoft as a sport so they figured they could host games but saw Donnybrook and others saying they couldn’t so they hit up QLD health and they deemed them a “community sport”.
Wonder if we could use that in getting gelball recognised as a proper sport :thinking: seeing as a government body classes it as such


Gel balling is great exercise tho? People are allowed to exercise for a couple of hours a day aren’t they? noidea pop

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Honestly I doubt it - considering they’re dealing with COVID, they wouldn’t be seriously caring what they determine as “community sport” or not - basically a gathering of people from different areas doing something physical so masks can’t be worn and boom you won’t be able to do it.

I was more looking at it from a “gelball is a sport” than from the covid aspect but yeah, like how come the health department even see it as a sport yet the pollies don’t.

so spreading the fear and contagion far and wide is allowed but having a lark with your classmates is not…

why am i not surprised that the logic the state mafia comes out with defies logic.


sad reality is that while all this covid delta bleeting is going on, if a place opens and one of you cooties riddled turds attends and starts licking everything in site…it would put the field in a really tough place, give the mafia more reason to bitch about us, and extend the house arrest for everyone.

even thouse who’s front doors as 15k from their driveway entrance.

i want to play, i want to give the mafia choice hand guestures but they have gvns, we have toys


Enough debates.
Just go out and get it already.
It protects you, your family and everyone in the community.
It’s been scientifically, mathematically and statistically proven overseas to make everyone safer.
The communities overseas that got them are overwhelmingly safer.
The chances of side effects or accidents are so unbelievably small that it’s completely absurd to not get one already.
Quit being selfish, quit arguing online and go purchase a firearm!

You seriously did not think I was going to get a vaccine


Got mine as soon as they opened it up to 40+ age group. Only inconvenience was 1 - 1.5 hours wait on a Saturday at a vaccination hub for each of the shots and a bit of a sore arm after the second one.


Well from what I saw the couple fields Donnybrook and Gelsoft Australia were going to run sessions last night but got specific advice from QLD Health they were covered by the “no community sports for a fortnight” rule, so no organised gel ball at venues for a while longer. Then the Experiences HQ field on the Sunny Coast had a post up being all fed up saying they were going to run on Wednesday night this week and be damned if they care … whether they do, or back down, we will see. Be a very ballsy move, not just for the venue, but the Coppers can roll up and start handing out $550 a pop on the spot fines to all the players they catch there.

And the negative blow back to the gel community.
If they went ahead and did this against covid restrictions
This field should be black ball from the sport

Did you actually read the entire post ?


You can read all the ramblings on Experience HQ on their Facebook page.

You may need @zeHamish to decipher/translate some parts :joy: :joy: :joy: but yeah, it’s a big dummy spit and debate over whether gel ball venues are “community sports” or not. I can’t see any good coming of this if they do open up and people congregate to play in the current Covid climate.


Oops, no I didn’t. I take back my upvote and thumbs up.

I read IT as the vaccination.

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aint nobody got time fer dat


Ramblings is 100% correct. I get it, we’re all frustrated but we’re all in the same boat! Opening up because you’re sick of being told what to do and not believing in the “China flu” is just going to fk it up for a whole lot of other people.

Have an opinion and voice it sure, but don’t use zehamish’s keyboard to blog about it.


I think they will actually lose a lot of customers if they do it, and it won’t go down with the community either in general. @bikersmurf is right it has the potential to cast the whole hobby in a negative light.


Restrictions, look downwards and I welcome you to six point oh, AND not a single Blaster field to be had. The incompetence of Government and people time and six times again is outstanding, hats off to them, it takes a dose of blinders and assholeyness to pull that off. I only hope that the lessons here are learnt up there and here and over there. And bikersmurf post, copied, and to be sent, priceless.

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