CP? Alpha King?

Hey guys just a quick question
What is the difference between a Creative Pyrimid AK and a Alpha King AK?
They look exactly same and on low guidos video he calls it the CP ak but the box says Alpha king? is there rebranding deal? are they all made by same company? im so confused please help ahah

Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:

Latest version is Alpha king AK 74m,74ms and AK 105 with red dragon v3 gearbox .
They used to called CP AK105 using Nwellโ€™s G36 stock gearbox which cause some problem .
Looks different owner and no CP AK brand now .

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Thanks allot! is there any tell tale differences? just something to look for so i know i bought the right one

Body shell not much difference, just buy the Alpha King AK that with red dragon gearbox .

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