CQB Flashlight Brightness recommendation

Hi all, ordered myself a nice SMG style blaster with the aim of attending some CQB events. Just wondered what the gentleman’s agreement is on how bright you can have a blaster mounted flashlight before it becomes obnoxious. Was looking at a magnetic recharge o’light they specify as 600 lumens but worried it might be too bright.

Any experienced CQBers who can chime in here?


I just brought 2000 lumen, say good bye to your eyes suckers.


I make a point of hunting the blinders

Yooo bastards…


sunny warthog avoid at all cost.


Not looking to blind anyone, want just enough light to see the opponents and assist my go pro in also seeing them.


Ordered the runcam 2 the other day after months of procrastination

They’re a good scope cam

Those are nice too but waaay to long for a pistol

They sell different magnification lenses for them, could go with something wider. I prefer the 16mm though for engagements averaging 30M away.

I’ve opted for the shorter focal length of 10mtr

Think it’s the 170 degree.

It’s swappable if I decide I was a 120 or 135

I like flying on a 135

It’s just two grub screws to change the lens so pretty easy

Man it’s too easy

Back in my day we had to cast out own glass… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

But…hacky jobs were needed to fit lenses on decides that weren’t supposed to be interchangeable

Spoiled by modern innovation


That is my intention too

If you can though definitely use a blaster mounted camera in supplement to a head camera. No one likes shots of a blaster cam pointing at nothing, or even worse, the ground as you run.

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Here is mine… eek

Hang on to your balls (Eye-balls that is)

Redneck Swiss Army Knife

Nah, not really… I merely Plagiarised them from google pics… Kudos to their creators!! haillike


In the end I did some googling and air soft forums suggested 300lm, so I ordered an Olight which has two modes. 300lm and 1500lm for when necessary.

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CQB I would go with WML flashlight. Since you’re going for close quarters, your handguard is gonna be shorter so this type of flashlight is light and has a huge button to toggle.


That last one you linked is literally what I want to get myself. Just every time I get close the money runs away while my backs turns those unfaithful swine!
600-100umem I think would be plenty. But the thing I like with those 1500 linen ones you can turn it to have a low power setting which is I think about 4-600. Something around that. So it gives the best of both worlds.