CQB HLF ARP 9 now a long range blaster

Wanted to see how it would look with a 10 inch metal fishbone on front,here it is.Shoots better than before,with ahigh 16 rounds per second.Happy days.


Bit of a noob question, what or where do you source the 10 inch fisbones from and metal grip looks cool.

For my first blaster think it’s pretty good. After reading need to pull them all down and reassemble just to check and fix standard issues.

Recently purchased a hlf arp9, le hui kris vector and a wells m4 cbq blaster to run around with the kids.

Cheers, looks awesome like that

Had a squiz but can’t a hlf specific in the drop down, what was the wishbone originally for? Or am I just man looking as the wife’s would say :crazy_face: