Current Sales and Discount codes

Christmas (2019) is nearly here… if you see any relevant codes or discounts, drop them here. As well as doing other inmates here a favor (lie%20emo )… It will also ensure some of those sworn off buying any more blasters (rofl ) fall off the wagon… and try and achieve the goal of having as many blasters as you do… so, that is a bonus laughing%20(1)

I will kick it off… I saw on ebay when looking at an MP5, there is a code that gets $20 off… so a new MP5 for $AU118, from a good seller I have bought from before.

The code is PBLITZ and ends on the 25/11/19

I am not sure what other sellers the code works with, or if the code is for those with ‘ebay plus’ … but it is worth a sh0t (pun intended)

Add any codes/coupons you know of in here… and give an end date for it .

For those trying not to buy anything… Bbbbbwahahahahahehehehe (sorry) lie%20emo


The T&Cs say it’s for any registered ebay user. It also has a list of the sellers.
Couple of good prices from the seller you mentioned: Kublai K2 $280, HK416 V3 $254 (both free postage)


PLEASE5 is still working on some items :grin:

PITCH20 runs until 021219 … not sure what it works for…

When I buy something, at checkout, I run every code I have written down… the worst that can happen is it says’cant be used on this purchase’ or 'only works on orders over $ (amount)

Sometimes you win, sometimes… meh! laughing%20(1) avatar_22


It seems the code PATPAT is still good for 5% off. Another to try cowboy_rubbing_horse_md_wht

‘PAT’… get it? Oh… never mind badluck laughing%20(1)

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Looks like PITCH20 is a big one for 20% off tomrrow (black friday 29/11/19) :+1:

Another 20% off code is PRINCE200 but it is for over $200 spend… read the terms and conditions:+1:

Tiger111 has 10% off JG (Jing gong/Golden Eagle), parts and accessories today only for their Sunday Sales

zhenduo has 10% off discount code: ZD10 for subscribers and 20% off for wholesale

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Try POTTER3 on spendbay… 5% until 31/12/19

PLAY100 just popped up… give that a try

PEACHY20 until 15/12 5 transactions up to $300

PACIFIC just popped up…

PACIFIC is a 5% discount. If you have ebay plus, there is a code POLKA for 10% off. POLKA ends on the 17th Jan.

Ebay plus is good… it costs $50 a year, but you get free delivery and free returns, so if you are looking for something that is generally like $125 plus $9.95 postage… you look for the same thing from an ebay plus seller and you only pay the $125. If you need to return the thing, they send you a label to send it back for free :+1:

Big discounts on SHS handguards



Thanks for link @blek was finally able to get my mk18 handguard I was after for a good price.

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Any Australia Day discounts or sales going?


TacEdge have got 20% off online and instore with OZYOZYOZY - the usual exclusions apply

Already had REBEL for 20% off online, so I was really hoping for a return of the 30% codes we had at Xmas


ebay try ‘PYEAH’ for some retailers… ends 23rd Feb

TacEdge have a 20% off storewide (even the platinum blasters) sale until COB Saturday, or midnight Saturday online.

Code “endofsummer”

EDIT: I should have added that it isn’t mentioned on the website, but just apply the code at checkout. So if anyone wanted one of the full wood AKs, but thought $590 was a bit pricey, how about $472 :grin:


Ordered my metal/wood AK this morning. Can’t wait!