Custom Blaster Showcase

Hey there, I’m a Youtube creator and hoping to share my latest video which is a showcase of my modest collection of custom Gel Blasters and hopefully provides some inspiration for others looking to customize their blasters.

It would be great to see a dedicated topic / section for Youtube content creators!


I can certainly relate to your comment about imagining being here when you first started :joy: I am still playing with the one blaster for modding and painting. Never thought I would mod it, but isolation makes you do strange things… now just waiting till I have everything.
Your techniques on colour adjustment using a lead pencil is out of the box thinking. Do you put he clear coat over the top of this?
Great collection and very nicely personalized. Another channel I can add to my Gel Blaster folder for inspiration and ideas. Thanks very much, Jeff

“modest” :sweat_smile:
Quite a nice collection man :ok_hand:
Which store Did u get the wood furniture for the ak btw o.o?

I believe he sourced the “real deal” from Russian eBay or similar…

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Yeah mate, what Gels said above. That furniture is genuine off an actual AK. I sourced it from a firearm shop in the UK. There are more details in this video here -


I didn’t put any clear coat over the top of the graphite, it’s very fine so it gets trapped in the surface of the nylon and the anodised barrel has a satin finish which again seems to retain a fair bit of the graphite without anything else being applied.

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