Custom build gen9/10 fighting bro

Hi, doing a high quality build. Has a trick outer barrel and handgaurd with a Nylon Fighting Bro 3.0 gearbox with all my internals. Quick question does anyone know what outer barrel stabiliser to use with the hand gaurd. Cheers

These are good but need careful adjustment so as not to push the outer barrel out of alignment

I see you got an order from monkeemods then?:joy:

That motor is cheap puss, I brought one for the magnets and the whole motor is cheap and nasty.
Worst neo magnets I’ve ever seen, they might as well just be ferris :-1:t5:

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I used a high speed one in a build and has bee brilliant. Its my Blaster this one so if it is shit I don’t have to worry too much. But the high speed one has been great

Yeah mate ive found lots of there stuff good. No issues yet

I am getting great air seal with the new piston heads and the right oring

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