Custom DP28 Blatser with pan mag and all

Ok gamers, so this was a shower thought, then it became a actual interest. there is a video of a guy making a DP28 for a Tachanka R6s Cosplay, now what if we just do that, and make it a gel blaster? i think a nice shimmed gearbox with metal gears should do the trick and would probably fit, I’ll send in update pics if i ever make plans to make it.
here’s the vid.

its also in Russian so A. how fitting. and B. turn on subtitles

Only issue with top feed is how to reliably feed gels in.
Normal mag uses gravity to get them into a spot where the motor will take over.

The P90 has a spring to push them to the motor end. With the shape of a pan mag you’re making it difficult as gels are a lot more fragile than you know what

good question, i wast thing of a motor in the pan mag that would circle around pushing an arm around the mag to feed the gels in to the ramp which would be where the actual b* llets come out of, I’ve draw masterpieces of an MS paint diagram just to simplify it

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seems to work ok with paint ball? Gel balls might not have the mass to drop down regularly one at a time and not feeding multiples?

I get where you coming from, the idea is that its programmed so that after 10 or so repetitions of the plunger or motor it would spin the mags motor a little to just push them in gradually so it can feed regularly but not squish the gels. I have amateur knowledge and experience on electrical engineering and STEM(Science Technology Engineering and Math) knowledge and experience. so I figure just pull some parts out, slap them together, refine a bit more, slap more bits and bobs and boom, a blaster. its all just a concept tho so keep in mind this will most likely fall through if I don’t do it, but if someone does do it, god bless them.

I approach with a scientific mind too… :grin:
Way to go!

That looks like it would work but the spring would have to be in the centre, a coil one like in a watch.

Great drawing by the way. :ok_hand:t2:
Very easy to understand

I am a MS paint artist.

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