Custom flash/hop-up hider thingy

Was looking for a more solid mounting than just outer barrel or 14mm thread. So i came up with this. So basically it attaches with 3 bolts through the (forgive me, lack of better word or correct term) barrel stabilizing nut(3 little washers too).
Also then fits snugly onto the outer barrel. Feel free to drill, tap, & add grub screws here if you feel the need. I haven’t so far. I feel its solid enough.
Finally a DK-J10 hop-up o-ring fits onto the blank part of the 14mm ccw thread.
The o-ring gives an external of 19.3mm. The internal diameter of this thingy is 19mm.
So a lovely snug fit to add extra stablity and added friction, to hold everything firmly in place.

Disregard the specs for grub screw holding hole (for the hop up). It’s too big and needs centering. But the front is ok, allowing for adjustment to the top and bottom plates for a rizer v2.
Make your own adjustments to the design as per your wants/needs.
And i will create 2 new topics on those other tools in the drawing soon, and one on modifying a Rizer v2(stay tuned).

But enough waffle. Heres the juice.

Forgot to say, make it out of nylon or aluminium. This version is nylon. If you want to, you can add a custom aluminium sleeve to fit over this nylon model.
Gives you a lot more options for custom mods/lengths. Bunnings 25mm OD alumin tubing, ID 23. something. So the alumin tube needs a bit taken out internally. No biggy.
Im sending this through phone, as my computer is down. Hope it all comes through.
Any questions, feel free. I’ll do my best.
This was a collaboration, so props to Nobby. I have a video of assembly & disassembly using the costom made barrel nut removal tool. I just need to edit the video & post.

Hope thats as clear as mud. Do it…don’t do it…just some info to throw out there.
Mmm…time for a whisky.
Cheers everyone.


Always good to see peeps fabricating their wacked out ideas

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Hmmm…whacked out ideas like that massive flow rate that you’re getting from that , what I’m guessing is a reflux column condenser. I get 93% at 4•5 litres over 6 hours. You’re pushing hard with that thing. Well done. Australia needs people like us to step in and support the country with sanitizer. Would love to know the condenser length. Just to the nearest meter will do. Lol
I’ll jump out here, but would love to have a chat about your rig one day.
All in good humour m8.

If I had a buck for every whacked out idea I pursued and fabricated…I’d be rolling in cash

Oh hell who am I fooling…I’d still be broke af but with more toys

The still pushes a clean 98% super consistently with a shit ton of reflux.

12kw per 4ltrs at about 8hrs

Faaarg. 98. We need to talk. Its a whack lookin setup im not familiar with. Man, I’m so far behind on everything. I need some Re-Neducation! Im out. Cant compete there.

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You learn what you need to know when you need to know to achieve the task at hand.

The real skill is being able to learn and assimilate at a rapid pace and to recognise when you need to.

Always happy to provide braindumps

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Sage advice.

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