Custom Gear Box Battery help

Hi all
Im relatively new to gel blasters and recently bought a blaster with these specs

  • Custom Built V2 Gearbox
  • SLR Nylon Gearbox Housing
  • Carbon Steel 18:1 Gears
  • SHS Nylon Piston
  • Nylon Cylinder Head, Nozzle and Piston Head
  • 1.3mm Spring

It came with a 7.4 volt battery. Would it be able to handle an 11.1v one, without it breaking?

Any help on the matter would be appreciated

As long as the piston has a metal rack you should be sweet to run a 3s mate sounds like you have covered the main thing being gears. Usually good to upgrade the motor or have a spare on hand as the stock one’s don’t really like 3s batteries