Custom Gen 9 build

Hi all, I was looking at making my own gen 9 blaster using the nylon gearbox and reciever from GBA. i’m fairly new to the gel blaster fad, so I’m wondering if you guys know what gear I need to make a functioning blaster (aside from the stock and barrel). Trying to keep it under $200, with gearbox and reciever costing $68.

i’m sure a couple of us will have budget ideas for you

i would say don’t.

buy a solid entry level blaster that has a good upgrade path into something you might otherwise want to build,

its cheaper (much) and you get a better result.

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You can buy a brand new Gen 9 m4a1 and a few upgrades for well under $200.
I also would say don’t because just finding the extra parts to make it a complete blaster will be hard and more expensive?


Take the advice from @zeHamish and @Rattler.
A quick search on ebay for “gen 9 M4A1” brings up multiple results. You can get one for $165 delivered.

Not trying to talk you out of building one yourself, just be aware it can turn into an expensive (and sometimes very frustrating) exercise.


and often what you think you want / need in a build doesn’t actually turn out to be what you should have spent money on


i like these guys.

they spend the time with you to get you clued in.

fantastic support


I haven’t use them but gen 9 at $150 is very cheap :+1:


Damn right, it’s good to swe

I’m thinking of cutting back to either a gen 8 m4a1 or wells m4, as Ninja Blaster has them for the low price of $99! Nice and cheap and lots of money for upgrades and drum mags😁