Custom M4 pistol build

Hey guys what you reckon. I know the battery looks abit ugly but im working with a fella to print out a housing. Looking at doing it in stainless aswell


Awesome an M4 pistol
Love the custom suppressor :+1:


@Rattler cant wait to see how the stainless looks

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Mmmmm stainless steel :yum:

Haha that’s on my list to do… M4 pistol

… Along with sci-fi railgun looking m4, and convert jm-acr into a bullpup

I could whip up one for you. Depending on how long you want it and how far back you want the vent holes. Was planing to do a full standard barrel length copper shroud

Looking good mate and the stainless sounds even better look forward to seeing that

@Mr.milkman got it cut to size. Time to mark it out


Nice bro how’s it’s fitted onto the receiver is it have an internal thread. And I’ve seen on Ali express rail mounted battery packs that might be a suggestion to put onto it as it’s already got the rails ontop

@Mr.milkman its just a slip on for now. Its a tight fit so i dont need securing screws. Ive got a mate 3d printing me a custom top batt box

That stainless one looks terrible!
Better send it to me :rofl:

@Rattler lol as yoda would say: errrrr drill holes you must, polish when done you can.


Lol that will look sweeeet when its done.

I got one of these comming for my M4 .
I am going to see if I can machine it out large enough to fit over the hop up

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@Rattler ive been thinking about doing another copper piece for exactly the same thing. Basically itll look like the shroud but will be small but fit on the outer barrel

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Heres how it looks now

Does anyone have some tips on running the wires so that it dont cause the case to buldge out


Looking good man.
Try some braided cable sleeving, its available in different colours and looks awesome

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You can also get that magnetic, stick to itself wrap (for rifle butts) and wrap things to hide stuff… it comes in rolls, looks like cammo duct tape, but it has no glue, it sticks to itself… so you can always unwrap and re-wrap any time.

That is what I will be doing to my monster Gen9 I am building, with external battery