Custom m4 project progress

Heres some pics of the progress sofar. Goal for the end of the year is 3 pairs each in metal.


Wow looking very smart now !
I might have to do one too now :thinking:

I could do one for you. Copper stainless brass painted you tell me. Even then im still adding small bits for looks. Hopefully my design in my head works out for a wire guide/sling point. Will post a pic when its in shape

Thanks for the offer but I like building them its half the fun .
I might steal some of your ideas , if that’s ok :+1:

50 bucks per design idea :smile: . Lol maybe should get you in my build team make some sweet gangsta designs for all types of blasters

Yeah Gangsta !
I want a Thompson :wink:

Now that would be a damn nice blaster if they did a Thompson shell for a gen 8 box

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Be hard work doing a brass one to look like that

@Rattler would love to see one of these with a working reload by the finger loops

Now that is beautiful :heart:
Shit yeah :+1:

Now here is a gangsta toy.
Sawn off shotgun with drum mag :cowboy_hat_face:

Now you know what you can make with a Thompson don’t you…


Oh hot damn I want one :star_struck:

Too scifi/ modern for my taste buds… i prefer basic polished metal parts

I do also but I like modern too