Custom skins or wraps for gel blasters?

Does anyone know where I can buy skins or wraps for my gel blasters. I want to customise the looks of it and I saw a video of someone drawing onto their blasters on YouTube I am inspired by it but I don’t trust myself. I want a wrap for gen 8 m4 and skd g18

Don’t know of any in AU but this shop has some cool wraps :+1:

That looks like more trouble than it’s worth…

I agree, I reckon it would be a nightmare fitting them and durability would be questionable

I hate putting screen protectors on my phone because I’m a bit of a perfectionist so it stresses me the fuck out.

One of those wraps would do me in for sure…


Actually it doesn’t look that hard :thinking:

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Yeah but you need to heat the wrap with a heatgun or gas torch to get it to stretch out and stick to the frame of your blaster. That’s fine on a real steel pew pew, but it’s going to end in tears on a plastic or nylon blaster…

Good luck to anyone who tries and I’d love to see how it goes!

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He really could have chosen a better wrap if going to the trouble or could have the same results with some gold stars , can of gold paint and a stencil haha

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There are plenty on gel blaster hydro-dipping on youtube as well.

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I don’t wanna use spray paint but I kinda want to draw onto my receiver because for me it is a lot easier lol.

This is good… it doesn’t stick to the blaster, it is stretchy and only sticks to itself… so, you can wrap, unwrap and re-wrap as many times as you like (the blaster as well) icon_e_ugeek :money_mouth_face:

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Not sure if these are any good or if it is similar to what you’re looking for but I figured I’d send these anyways

Yeah I like how its not permanent. I got a few rolls its good stuff.

just grab a Sharpe and start drawing. You can always clean it off and start again


Just had mine hydro dipped


Wow mate, natural talent right there


Where did you have that done?

Gel Paints on IG , quick turn around and hes a good dude :+1:

Do you know what type of paint he uses? have you had it chip off on edges at all?

nah man, not sure on the actual paint used just hit him up n im sure he will go over it. No chips or scuffs on the paintwork yet which is surprising for me haha