Custom SLR builds

I specialise in building custom SLR’s.

Each blaster is painstakingly detailed and hand painted in Tamiya paints, with full undercoating, colour, weathering and all sealed with a Matte clear topcoat.
My Aim is to create unique blasters, no two will ever be the same, once that design is sold, that’s it.
No expense is spared with parts, only quality is used, genuine SLR parts, and finished off with RetroArms CNC alloy triggers and fire selectors, XPower buffer tube.
Each SLR will be delivered with a Remove before Pew muzzle cover. Internally the Oring is upgraded to green Oring. Deans connectors used for battery plugs. Does not come with battery or mags.
These are for people wanting to expand their collection to a unique higher quality build.
Priced cheaper than what most retailers are selling stock plain black SLR’s.
I do this for the love of it rather than making money from them. Price out everything you need to build a complete blaster and you will realise these are at cost.
Once blaster is sold, it will be removed from images.
Pearl Mint Fresh
Crying Tiger
Hexcam Death


Love ya work what’s the damage on each one?

Cheers dude. I’m only asking $390 each which is pretty much cost, retailers are asking for more than that on stock ones, I make $50 for the build and paintwork. Not in it to make money, in it because I love creating unique pieces. Which one you interested in mostly? Matt

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You ain’t wrong in saying your doing it for love as I’m only just under halfway through a custom SLR build I’m doing and it’s going to be slot more than that. Mind you I’m wanting it full metal. But I’ll see have enough to purchase yours in a couple weeks. So if it’s still available then I’ll grab the orange Camo one if it’s sold no stress

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Ha, I’m not supposed to be biased with my “kids” but the orange and black camo is by far my personal favourite… I spent hours detailing that one! It’s called The Crying Tiger! Let me know if you want, happy to hold with a deposit too if you know know you want it bud. Matt

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Those look shit hot jeliworks keep up the good work mate. I’d love to take the hexcam off ur hands but unfortunately I’m in the same boat as Mr. Milkman and funds just won’t allow

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Hi All…
Hexcam has been SOLD! Congrats to the new owner.
The Crying Tiger is still available for now as is Pearl Mint. Get in quick!

Nice work. i love all of especially the hexcam death.

by the way. what is that thing near the mag release button in the crying tiger guild?
can provide a link where i can buy it? Thanks :slight_smile:

G’day @JeliWorks and GBF users!!!

Are any of these awesome creations still available for purchase or even anything similar?



Yes dude I have one being built now

pm me if interested

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@JeliWorks anything fully assembled and fully functional ready to send to me in the post?

This one will be ready to go by this afternoon dude

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Please just clarify with me 1 final time.

This is a

…and your even gonna chuck in some balls/ammo for me???

Sorry I’m so new to this maybe I should tag you to get your attention @JeliWorks

G’day sir.
Was looking to get one of these off ya. How much do they cost and how long would it take to be made/sent @JeliWorks

Hi Matt, I was looking at your works on this forum and on Instagram and was wondering if any of them were still available. Are you located in Queensland?

Hi Bud, yes I’m in QLD, however I don’t have any available ATM… Will let you know.

Thanks, I am also cranmer_tom on Instagram