Customs and Metal Receivers

Hi guys,

So I was wondering, does customs know that the metal receivers we import are originally designed for Asoft? They would have to know right? I’d imagine if you had a note saying it’s for a gel blaster, it’s a toy and that in its current state it’s inoperable they would pretty much have to let it through. But what if they knew that the receiver was actually made for Asoft? Maybe that’s why it’s a but of a gamble importing them.

What’s your thoughts?

I think its abit dangerous to mention it in public, you never know it the abf is listening and reading, i have heard wispers that the qps and the sa police are looking into cutting out all metal recievers due to the way they closely resemble the real think. Dunno if thats true but dont be surprised if it happens. As for importin and purchasing i would rather buy from a store in Australia, because your buying something already in oz and you dont need to wait for a seizure notice. The way i see it the extra you pay is worth it due to the risk of seizure if you imported it yourself, whether you got a import permit or not

Thanks for keeping that quiet if it was not clear already.

@Gav is that me or liam?

@Liam_R personally i think you should delete this post thread, you could be supplying them with more reason to ban full metal altogether


My two cents…precaffienated…

The popo and govt mafia’s core grump that they wave about like a raging bull is realism

From an every day performance perspective, metal receivers offer very little in benefit over a really nice compound one

And the realism add nothing to game play.

Actively trying to circumvent the “safe guards” in place is a mugs game…

Don’t poke the bulies


ABF are cracking down, I lost one I ordered from asia air soft, tried to put in a request to get back and it was declined in less than 10 minutes.

If it worth the risk is up to you, but I learnt my lesson. I will wait for if air soft is legally allowed here and then order at that point.

Ok I get that metal looks and feels great and that, but like Hamish said “life’s like a box of chocolates” no that’s not it…
No benefit in game play, good quality nylon is strong and durable, and looks good too.
If we want to keep our sport we need to be careful how we act.
If it’s realism you want get a proper firearms licence and go to a shooting range.


No Sam, l think your post was a good response, l was aiming it at the problems of the first post


I think this should be removed completely, or changed to not mention asoft, because this is a gel blaster fourm, and if we want this sport to stay and people buy parts for gel blaster its best to cut the word asoft out all together, until asoft is considered legal to own, i would rather say that everything thats available for gelball has been made for gel ball and was not designed based off asoft parts. @Liam_R i understand that there are people out there who have the same questions, not trying to target you or harass but the way you worded it and adding asoft, you are shooting not just yourself in the foot, but the community aswell. Questions like this should be kept to word of mouth, close friends or blaster community via pm. The amout of eyes that see this thread, i will not doubt atleast 5% would be big wigs in the law that are looking for ways to bring gel blasting to their knees, and its not just abf, all them public haters of this “unsafe and dangerous” sport whos minds are twisted by media over all the open public incidents involving blaster. Again not dissing or hitting on you liam but it is a concern as to who reads this thread and where these words get used. Like lots of things to do with freedom of posession for such machinery like blasters, it takes 1 silly move to stir up a bag of worms.


Yes indeed, very well said Sam.

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ABF aren’t silly, they know exactly what asoft parts look like (hell they have seized enough parts from members here to start their own shop :joy:), and use “duplicity” law for reason to seize said parts. Most toy ■■■■ are made from ABS and Nylon plastics which is why receivers made from these are let through without issues.

I have imported all my receivers, 2x metal M4, and a Nylon fibre special project I’m working on :wink:. One of the metal M4 was seized which I applied for it and had it released, and the other came straight through no problems (was the asoftasia “gel ball” receiver). The nylon receiver is just as strong as the metal ones and doesn’t scratch as easy . Because of that all my future projects will be nylon for ease of use and tbh you really cant tell the difference with a good nylon fibre receiver :+1:


And thats another point, obviously the one you got released had gel ball or gel blaster in its item name or description from whomever the seller was, which gave the abf no leg to stand on to withold from you. If its made for gel ball its for gel ball, if its an Asoft revised to suit gel blaster, well thats gonna start some trouble if your package is lucky enough to be inspected by said “qualifyed” members. Asoft parts is asoft parts, gel blaster parts loosely or directly designed off “you know what (cos im sick of saying asoft)” then its made for gel blasters and should be refered to as such, we cant have grey areas because authority can be used to their advantage

No the seized one wasn’t the “gel ball” receiver, that came through no issues, it was the other M4 receiver that was stopped but was released when I applied for it. I do think your right though there was no reference to asoft or brands related to asoft on either the receivers, I just think the blank one was boarder line and I got lucky which is what they’re cracking down on - duplicity.


My only metal receiver is an A/asia Nerf marked one, and is exactly why l got that one, and will not bother with another as l want the sport to remain as it without the meddling of outside agencies.

I’ve stayed away from the new AK range as l think they will be nothing but trouble soon here in SA, it will only take one dick head as it always has to radically change anything remotely and l repeat, remotely fire arm related.