Customs problem

Bought a gate titan v3, and just found out customs have it, has anybody else had there seized, did you get it back and what to do.

What do you mean by customs have it ?

Bought it from ebike, its been here for a week, just found out today. There looking at it tommorow, it was marked ■■■■■■■,( not what i asked for). Something about an import license on ups web site. Spoke to them today.
Just wondering if anyone else has been thru this

Yes people have been through this but I’ve never seen it on an mosfet, unfortunately the news is not good , not many I have seen beat them :frowning:

Yea, what i thought, hope to get a letter to plead my case.
Would of got it here but no stock

Why Evike marked it as A/S is beyond me, they should have know better :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
What did they have to say about it ?

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Have not asked, but will when i get a contact at customs, they may have to send a declaration thru to them.

Keen to hear an update on this.

While at the discretion of the inspecting officer, the grounds for seizure as a prohibited item would be appearance or functionality. Does not replicate real steel, nor is it capable of chambering or propelling a projectile. Clearly the mention of A/S has rattled their cage.

Yea, they inspected it and have released it.
All good now, just hope they have not damaged it


I’ve had them inspect and release things only to find they hadn’t opened or inspected anything :rofl:

I have with other stuff to find bits and pieces all over the place, not put back with any care

They probably X-rayed the package… no need to open it … #technology laughing (1)

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Public forum really not a place for vagina cakes. :-1: sorry Cal


Woops… sorry, I misread it… I thought it said …

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It needs teeth

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Oh my… When you get what you ask for…

But really should not have asked for it to begin with