Cylinder head and Nozzle for HL-015 Honey Badger


Second post here as the first was so helpful (thanks). We have a HL-015 Honey Badger which has had the following upgrades - new piston, new O-ring, shimmed, 1.18 Ausgel spring. It seems to be working ok with FPS of around 260 ish. The reason for the upgrade was out of the box the piston was rubbish and broke instantly.

When doing the above upgrade I noticed the cylinder head seal was pretty average and managed to fix this up with a different o-ring and some magic tape (plumbers tape) so this is now 100% (even if not ideal), however the nozzle to cylinder head seal leaks when extended in the firing position and not much I can do to fix. it does not have an internal o-ring on the nozzle.

The nozzle to tee piece does appear to have a good seal.

I’m wondering if anyone knows of a suitable replacement combo cylinder head nozzle for this blaster? The nozzle looks quite small in comparison to others I’ve seen, so I’m not sure where to start looking.

my son was considering upgrading the spring to 1.28 to get to around 300fps but thought the leaky seal might be the part holding it back

Any advice appreciated.

This has a Wells gearbox so the cylinder head and nozzle and cylinder need to be Wells, this is a much better quality cylinder head and nozzle.


Also I would suggest when you have the gearbox apart that you radius it asap.

And do not put the 1.28 in it especially with poor seals, if you do the gearbox will break.


Are you talking about the full nylon Honey Badger?
I’ve been trying to fix the same issue. I tried to use a LDT cylinder head, nozzle and t-piece combo but ended up having terrible feeding issues.
Using the LDT combo it doesn’t pull the nozzle back enough to feed gels properly and the nozzle sits way too far forward, so when the t-piece is in place it’s already pushing the nozzle back about halfway.
(Sorry if that doesn’t make too much sense, hard to explain haha)

thanks these look good… will look into getting one.

as for the radius. can you provide a link showing where to do this please? should be easy enough just want to make sure I don’t overdo it as it’s a nylon box.

noted on the 1.28 thanks… is the 1.18 the max that we should use for this model?

Many thanks

yeah its full nylon… its this one. HONEY BADGER SHORT – MASTR BLASTR (did not buy from this store) but prob should have.

You should be able to easily get 300fps plus with the 1.18mm spring and it is gentle on the gear box.


Thanks for the info. I have a honey badger and although I’m pretty happy with it, when I do start fiddling with it, I’ll have the right cylinder head and nozzle…

Having the blaster apart the barrel length for this model is 262mm long and I believe its. 7.3mm ID, but not 100% on this.

After a bit of reading I note that there is a best ratio between barrel size and cylinder volume. Which would suggest this needs a 80%ish cylinder. Should we look into porting our cylinder given this or leave it as is? seems like were going down the rabbit hole

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Just broke out the calipers, got a reading of 7.32mm, so it’s confirmed.

You would need a ported cylinder with that setup, 70% or less

thanks… with 70% what ratio is that based off? using 1.7 the calculator gave me 84%.

With a 70% cylinder you’d be at around 1.9:1 which is too high for my liking

Oh hold on this is a Wells cylinder is it ?

Even with a Wells cylinder at 70% it would still be 1.83:1

I believe its a m4 style with its cylinder length (100%) is 72.5mm long

Ok well it’s my original post then

thanks, yeah this makes sense… with 43mm being a 1.7 ratio. For some reason the forum calculator was giving me 84%. :man_shrugging:

so I guess I start at 1.9 ratio and if needed work down to 1.7?

What gels are you planning to use with it ?